Top 10 Progressive Web App Development Companies

Top 10 Progressive Web App Development Companies


Looking for leading PWA developers? Look no further! This list contains the leading Progressive Web App companies from all over the world. These professionals are best at making PWAs that look and function like native mobile apps, saving the companies money but not the quality.

They have specialized in providing PWAs that are user-friendly, fast-loading, and secured for different industries. Achieve a competitive edge and underline your position with a Progressive Web App that is handmade by the top developers in the industry.

Top 10 Progressive Web App Development Companies

1. eSparkBiz

eSparkBiz specializes in coding the PWAs with the most up-to-date technologies like Angular, Vue.js, and React. They create PWAs that capture and hold users’ attention and work consistently well on smartphones and online platforms as well. 

They have helped businesses of all sizes such as big and small ones. They don’t build PWAs exclusively; they also provide custom software, site acceleration, and systems planning for big companies. If you are looking for a reliable and quick company to help boost your online presence, eSparkBiz tops your list.

2. Polestar Tech

Polestar Tech stands among the few companies that offer the best in Progressive Web App Development. They have been in this field for more than ten years. They enable mobile optimization, transitioning sites to PWAs, and crafting custom PWAs.

Their team of developers who are experienced with modern web languages such as HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, can create one-of-a-kind web apps for their clients. They are very good at what they do and they always try new things to stay on top.

3. Devtechnosys

Devtechnosys is an advanced PWA development company equipped with a great team. They have a record of mastering React, Angular, and Vue libraries, producing worthwhile PWAs. They are highly adept at making your website accessible even without the internet. 

Devtechnosys pays a good deal of attention to the fact that your website is responsive on all devices. They are well-known for their functionality and trustworthiness. With Devtechnosys, you can build a fantastic PWA and take your online presence to the next level.

4. Divante

The Divante team are master at building the best e-commerce websites for different companies. They increase product line-ups of both B2B and B2C customers, leading them to generate more sales and income. Divante strives to be pioneering and make use of the new technology to provide users with the utmost experience. They utilize advanced technologies such as JavaScript, microservices, and headless architecture to provide custom PWAs for the clients. Moreover, they deliver solutions with a ready-to-use PWA and are in the process of developing Storefront Cloud. 

5. Sitback Solutions

Sitback Solutions is a service provider that focuses on creating PWAs/web services. They have a very good reputation for having fast, user-friendly UI designs and services like UX design, web development, and PWA development as well. 

Sitback Solutions offers a wide range of PWA development services and specializes in delivering cutting-edge and highly usable PWAs to satisfy customers’ utmost needs. Not only do they pay attention to the design and accompanying customer support but also offer fully-fledged PWAs and web solutions which give them an edge above the rest.

6. TechAvidus

TechAvidus is one of the leading web app development companies that make custom software and provide digital marketing services. They specialize in designing web pages, application development, and customized software solutions for their clients. Among these, they also provide services like SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing for a better website presence.

TechAvidus is committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions, as they understand that every client’s needs call for an individual approach. Their services include the development of websites, mobile applications, digital marketing, online store creation, and more.

7. Appstudio 

Appstudio is an app-developing company that specializes in developing web and mobile apps. They integrate knowledge and innovations to achieve and materialize business apps or startup ideas. They have clients in the USA, UK, UAE, and India and give services like Web Development, Native and Cross-Platform App Development, and Game Development.

They use various languages, frameworks, and platforms — such as React, Node JS, Angular, React Native, Flutter, Scala, Java, AWS, etc. — to build those apps. If you find it challenging to create apps for your business, then Apptunix will help you get insight from their experience and skills.

8. Accеl IT

Accеl IT offers digital services including digital marketing, web development, mobile app development, and graphic design. Their primary goal is to deliver outstanding results for their clients in terms of building a strong digital presence backed by creative and engaging content.

The web services portfolio of this company includes user interface/user experience design, frontend & backend development, eCommerce and ERP solutions, testing, and support, which makes it one of the best web development companies worldwide.

9. Cobold Digital LLP

The services offered by Cobold Digital LLP comprise UI/UX design, drupal and WordPress development, eCommerce solutions, vue.js development, and DevOps services. They are the masters behind advanced and user-friendly apps, high-performance websites, interactive online stores, and fast UI for easy market entry. They also provide you with tools like monitoring and alert systems through DevOps where you can deliver and maintain everything faster, thereby helping your business grow and engage customers online.


GKMT IT is a top-notch IT Company in the domain of Website & App Development, UI/UX design, and Digital marketing. The company has built a reputation on its top-notch web design and development services with its expert team bringing in the best of design, user experience, and functionality to create powerful websites. They prioritize client requirements by creating affordable services that are high-quality for the Web Design & Development industry in India and worldwide.


The following Progressive Web App development Companies are both innovative and competent, relentlessly striving to enhance the quality of websites. They build PWAs with high responsiveness, engagement, speed, and other criteria for a better user experience. This in turn results in higher customer growth.
With their experience in PWA technologies and client-centered approach, they will be the future of web app development as they enable businesses to face the digital landscape with user-friendly apps that will make them successful. If you want a company with high-level PWA development expertise, consider contacting any of them for a guaranteed top-notch result.