3 Businesses That You Can Start Now with Zero Capital

Starting a business on a tight budget can be possible.
Starting a business on a tight budget can be possible.

Are you too creative for the normal 9 to 5 job? This Atlantic article noted the three characteristics of the creative type that are not suited for the 9 to 5 job. If you feel that you cannot spend another day in the office, then it is time to start your own business and define your own destiny.

It is a scary thought to trade the financial security of the paid job for the uncertainties of starting a small business. Still, every second which you spend doing something you are not means less time to develop yourself that you can be great in. The opportunity cost is simply too large.

Before you jump onto the bandwagon of starting your own business, you can start by taking inventory of your own skill set. Here are some businesses which are always in demand which you can start easily without much capital.

1. Simple Programming Skills – Website Developer

In today’s digital age, every business will need a website to introduce their products and services. In fact, studies show that 81% of consumers conduct their own research online before they make a purchase. Corporate websites are no longer a luxury today, they are a necessity from the laundry shop to the boutique law firm to the blockchain solution company.

The barrier to entry for creating a website had gone down considerably with website builders such as WordPress, Squarespace and Wix. They have predefined templates which allows you to create websites quickly. Some knowledge of programming languages such as Java and CSS would go a long way to impress your clients as it allows you to create custom features. As a bonus, basic knowledge of cyber-security would give you the edge as they are facing a global shortage according to IT Security Systems.

2. Business Experience – Business Plan Writer

Starting a business can be an exciting idea but reality often kicks in after 3 months. What is your product’s value proposition, go to market strategy, pricing power and realistic cost projection? If you have been working in the upper management levels of any industry, you can be a consultant for a new entrepreneur who wants to break out of the mould.

This is especially attractive if you are in an industry where you are working in a capital-intensive business and they require a good business plan to get financing from lenders. Your experience will go a long way and all you need is patience and a laptop to get the business plan out. After sitting with you for 3 hours and parting $3,000 for your advice, they can save millions of man hours and losses chasing down the wrong targets.

3. Good Network – Events Planner

Events can range from a birthday party to a mega concert featuring Beyonce. Events bring a city to live but they require passion, attention to details and more importantly, a good network to bring everyone together. Arrange your finances properly. Get the clients to pay half first and the other half upon completion and pay your suppliers accordingly.

For a simple birthday party, you will need balloons, cakes, clowns and a host to make it sparkle. Do you like to talk to people and make a good living out of it? Not everyone likes that but if you are creative enough, this is your gold mine. You can even expand overseas to get into the major leagues to get top performers to bring mega events on the global stage. You can do that by expanding overseas with the help of international accounting firms such as 3E Accounting to help you navigate different business rules overseas with confidence.

Life is short and we have a lot of fears. Studies have shown that the stress of losing a job is akin to facing the death of a loved one. If you are not suited for the job that you are holding, then it is better to leave then to sit around facing the prospect of losing your job any time. The best time to jump is now. Pick up the phone now!