Things to Consider When Building a Website

Building a website for your business is essential, but that doesn’t make it easy. Consider the following tips to help you build a great site for your business.  

Hosting is Important 

Depending on the host you choose, and what they can support, you can spend a couple of dollars or a couple of hundred dollars a month for hosting. You want to find a balance in hosting that enables you to create your website at a reasonable cost but also allows you to scale as your site grows.  

There are hundreds of hosts to choose from, each with its advantages and disadvantages. You’ll often find that you can find a great host more affordably if you choose a yearly instead of a monthly plan, but you may not be able to back out of a yearly plan.  

Choosing the right hosting for a website is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as you are developing your site, so keep these points in mind when choosing the right host for your site: 

  • Pick the server level that is right for you. A shared server can be very affordable, but you may have less opportunity to scale and more possibility of being hacked. A dedicated server can cost hundreds or thousands a month, but it provides optimal performance. A virtual private server usually costs under $100 a month and offers similar performance as a dedicated server. 
  • Choose a server that offers support. Since you’re just getting started with building a website for your business, you’ll probably have some questions and run into some hang-ups along the way. Therefore, look for a server that provides either phone or chat support rather than just email. 
  • Keep security in mind. Security is very important for not only the success of your business but also the security of your customers. Therefore, make sure you choose a host that offers excellent protection to keep your business and customer safe.  

Choose a Great Domain Name 

You probably thought hard when choosing a name for your business. Picking a domain name is just as essential. Your domain name will be important when potential customers search for your business online, but it will also matter a lot when handing out printed marketing materials.  

You want a domain name that your customers can easily type into their web browser to access coupons or learn more about your business. The more complicated the domain name, the more customers may be lost when they are trying to find your business online. When you are choosing your domain name: 

  • Easy and accurate spelling. Spell your domain name as close to your business name as possible, and make sure that the spelling can be easy to guess if someone hears the domain name. 
  • Short is best. The briefer your domain name, the more likely people will be to remember it and bother to type it in. 
  • Use the right extension. Avoid less well-known extensions. People often tend to forget the extension you actually say and type in the extension they assume, which is usually .com. If your site is a .gov, .edu, or .org, be sure to choose the appropriate domain extension. 
  • Avoid duplicates. You won’t be able to choose the exact domain name as somebody else, but if your domain name is only a letter or number away from somebody else, confusion is still possible. 
  • Don’t spend too much. Domain names can be valuable, and many that seem most likely to be used have been bought so that someone can sell them at a higher price. If you’re looking at spending out of your budget for the domain name, get creative and consider a different name. 
  • Keep SEO in mind. SEO can make the difference between being in Google results and losing customers. If there is a clear keyword that goes along with your business, it is best to put it into the domain name if at all possible. However, don’t sacrifice the other points on this list to have good SEO. 

Pick the Right Content Management 

The content management system, or CMS, is how you create the content you put on your site. You can create a gorgeous website without much technical know-how or any understanding of programming with a great CMS.  

Choosing the right CMS for your needs can make the difference between a pleasant experience building a website and a lot of headaches. Don’t forget to look for the following aspects in a CMS: 

  • Pick something pretty. You want a website that will wow customers, so choose a CMS that offers themes that can make the kind of impact you want them to make. 
  • Keep it simple. You want to choose a CMS that makes it extremely easy for you to build the kind of gorgeous website you have in mind without turning website design into your full-time job. 
  • Make sure it can scale. You may want to start with as affordable a theme as possible, but as time goes on, you will you want to build your site bigger, so choose a CMS that can scale with you. 

Enjoy Building a Website for Your Business 

Building a website for your business can be stressful, but it can also be a lot of fun. Make good choices for your domain name, host, and CMS, and you will likely find that you have a good time building a website.