Raising Money For Charity as a Small Business: Three Tips for the Philanthropic

Running a small business is a challenge, and rightfully so. With various responsibilities on a daily basis, it can feel easy to get overwhelmed by what is in front of you and how best to navigate these processes.

At the same time, you want to be upholding the appearance of your company and how it appears not only to your competitors but also to your existing and prospective customers. Being charitable as a business is something that many find appealing and is something you should be making an effort to do. 

Confused about where to start? Read on to find some of our best tips on being a charitable small business, both now and in the future. 

Choose The Cause You Wish To Support

For the most part, this could be the hardest part of being charitable and raising money as a small business. With so many organisations to choose from, you might find yourself stuck and out of ideas. That being said, you should narrow down your options based on what feels meaningful to you.

Furthermore, if you have previous experience of working with a charity, whether through your own experiences or those close to you, it might be worth choosing one of those; giving back to those who helped you through challenging moments in life just can’t be beaten! 

Once you have established what organisation you will be supporting, nothing stands in your way from the beginning to raise these well-needed funds. This takes us to the following section. 

Determine How You Will Raise Money

This is the fun part about raising money for charity, for you are spoiled for choice in how you do so! From sponsored car washes and sporting events to bake sales, there is an option to suit any business, big and small.

At the same time, it is worth considering the measures you can implement within your business model itself, which would automatically generate income and donations for the organisation of your choice. 

Your employees can opt for charitable donations through their employer as a means of charitable giving in business. Contributions are deducted from the salaries before tax, meaning the charities are getting the most out of every donation that heads their way. 

Raise Awareness

If you have selected to support a cause close to you, you would be doing so for one of many reasons. Whether you disclose this information is entirely down to you, but for the most part, you would be giving a platform to the organisation, enabling them to spread their message and raise awareness.

Regardless of whether your business is a large one or one that has only been established for a short amount of time, developing a close bond and relationship with a charity of your liking will go a long way. Working together to raise money for a worthwhile cause while having fun along the way. What more could you want?