The 5 Best Finance Blogs for Millennials

Let's look at some of the best finance blogs made just for millennials

Some of the best finance blogs on the internet are made solely for millennials. You may be wondering why, especially since millennials are seen as lazy and entitled.

The stereotypical idea goes that they don’t want to work for what they want, but they feel they have a right to have it.

However, millennials are in fact the best audience for these finance blogs. That’s because they are actually one of the most money-conscious generations that is alive at the moment.

They will also have a great impact on the business world.

This is largely because they had to survive through the Great Recession as recent graduates. Meaning at the time when they needed to get experience to match their theoretical knowledge, the doors were closed to them.

For that reason, these 5 amazing finance blogs sprang up to help millennials navigate the financial road to success.


This blog was started in 2008 by a writer named Martin Dasko. His blog is made specially for millennials, and this is largely because Dasko is a millennial himself.

He focuses mainly on the primary reason for millennial financial problems: student debt.

He addresses that not with frugality or severe saving, but rather through financial freedom gained from better financial decisions.


This is one of the funniest financial blogs made for millennials. Here, the writer Erin Lowry blogs about finding ways to increase her reader’s financial literacy.

This, as with the above, is done not through frugality, but rather through using life lessons with real world, practical examples.

Her sense of humor makes it all a breeze and greatly enjoyable. A defniite one to read on a regular basis.


An important theme that runs through many financial blogs is living a frugal life. A frugal life is based on relatively extreme spending by cutting down greatly on spending on unnecessary things.

It also focuses a lot on DIY and homemade things. That’s where Frugalwoods comes in, by focusing on extreme frugality in order to retire early.

Frugal Entrepreneur

Another of the financial blogs focused on frugality, Frugal Entrepreneur is more geared towards millennials who want to be entrepreneurs.

This blog is fantastic for helping millennials establish a home-based business or small business through frugal means

Adam Gottlieb heads this blog and he passes on money lessons he learned from his own father.

Frugal Entrepreneur also came from the desire to find free business resources online. Because he couldn’t, he focused on hosting it himself for millennials to find.

This helps frugal millennials start their businesses by not spending too much in the beginning.

I Will Teach You to Be Reach

This particularly popular blog comes from Ramit Sethi. While most of his audience is made up of millennials, he also caters to a wide range of people.

While he respects frugality, he doesn’t believe it is the best way to become rich or at least better with money.

He instead works on helping his audience get the few “Big Wins” that can help them earn money.

With those big wins under your belt, you will be less inclined to go for the smaller, and more foolish, goals, thereby saving you lots of money.

These are sine if the best finance blogs for millennials, but of course they are not the exhaustive list.

However, by following some of these financial blogs, you will be in a much better financial position.