14 Absolutely Best Coworking Spaces for Freelancers in Manchester

Check out these best coworking locations for freelancers in Manchester

Manchester is a great place to start your new business and grow it into a successful venture.

Naturally, such great environment attracts investments, businesses, and freelances. Although, when you’re just starting, it’s really hard to manage all the expenses and spend money on office rent – and you might not need an office of your own at all.

That’s why coworking spaces might be a good option for you, and today we’ll look at the best ones of them for freelancers.

Best Coworking Spaces for Freelancers in Manchester

The Assembly is a very attractive coworking for freelancers and businesses. You can also share a desk with your friend for free there.

Central Working Deansgate is an awesome location with the best coffee from Grindsmiths Coffee combined with an on-site kitchen and multiple spaces.

Beehive Lofts is a modern yet classy coworking location equipped with everything you can’t live without, including a 220′ cinema screen.

MadLab has an artistic incline, so freelance artists and designers will love it there. Location also has a lot of networking events to keep you busy.

Globe Working will be a good fit for freelancers, who are looking for a long-term place where they can work.

SpacePortX is a community for tech freelancers and developers, although everyone will feel at home there.

Orega is a more affordable minimalistic coworking with three locations in different areas of Manchester.

Hackspace Manchester is a great location for artists and creatives, and they have all the necessary equipment, including laser cutter and 3D printer.

Rise Manchester is a great fit for space for talented specialists and entrepreneurs, which also provides endless networking opportunities.

OGS Works is a perfect location for media artists and developers, equipped with studios and all the necessary software and hardware

Bruntwood / Together offers a nice and cozy creative coworking space for freelancers and startups along with their supportive atmosphere.

Accelerate Places Manchester is a flexible coworking that is ideal for young freelancers that can always ask for professional advice.

Workplace has wonderful networking opportunities with experienced professionals and provides all the essentials for the comfortable work.

Regus Manchester is a part of the global franchise and has whole 15 locations around the city, so you can always pick one wherever you’d like.

Those were the best coworking locations for freelancers in Manchester.