Expert Time Management Tips for Freelance Bloggers and Writers


The biggest challenge for a freelancer is time management. It is why self-employed writers and bloggers always look for time management tips.

When you are on your own, the sales, marketing, writing, research, and results all rely upon you. Not only do you have to focus on your task, but divide your hours for these chores too. Writing is not a simple task for everyone after all. It is different for each writer. While some write a lot faster than others do, many face hurdles in reaching their daily word count.

Henceforth, it is better to come across ways through which you can complete your task within time. Start by focusing on the major struggle a freelance writer can face.

Major Struggles for a Freelance Writer

The main obstacles a writer faces during their work include,

  • Balance – It is difficult to meet current deadlines and balance its promotion to new clients for keeping work in flow.
  • Expectation – It is necessary to create the right expectations to understand how much work you can accomplish in an hour, day, and week. With this, you will be able to divide workload as per your ability.
  • Focus – It is common to get distracted while switching from project to project or task to task. This problem often gets bigger and a writer fails to complete their task.
  • Multitasking – It is tricky to learn multitasking and manage it within specific time. A freelancer must learn to handle multiple projects together.
  • Flexibility – It is troublesome to stay loose about dealing unplanned circumstances that arise when you are trying to meet a project deadline.

Effective Time Management Tips

Expert writers share a wide range of time management tips to embrace productivity. Read further to find out the best ones,

Turn Off Any Distractions

Smartphone is the biggest distraction nowadays. While it keeps you connected with the world, it automatically disconnects you from work. Do not check unnecessary emails and keep away from responding back.

Remove entertainment websites from your browser unless you complete work. There is no need to log on to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram. Make sure to stop such notifications, too.

Take Help from a Timer

Timers are helpful for everything you do. Set an alarm on your phone, laptop, or table clock. Decide an online timer for approx 30 minutes or another specific duration. In this time, only write and complete your work.

After you complete your task, give yourself a quick break. Focus on your task and try to complete your task within the dedicated time.

Prepare a To-Do List

Many freelance bloggers and writers swear through to-do lists. It helps to feel positive when you finish a task on the list and mark it green. Satisfaction is a significant factor to boost up writing and manage time wisely.

You can write your daily tasks on the to-do list and follow it to avoid distractions. Try to write down how long it will take for reaching your word count.

Prioritize the Hard Task

Have you heard of “Eat that frog” before? It is a famous inspirational story that explains individuals have one job in their life difficult like eating a frog. Further, it said eating that frog early morning could let you relax the rest of the day.

This example sits perfectly here. Rather than completing the easy topic first, write down the difficult one first. It will help you to complete the easier ones in leftover time.

Collaborate With a Freelancer

Often freelancers team up with other writing partners. They schedule regular check-ins to make sure of each other’s work. You can also collaborate with one such freelancer and keep an account of what you are doing.

If your writing partner starts to check every hour about what you are doing, you will feel the urge to complete a task within time. Encourage them to ask you every hour or two.

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Work When Nobody Does

Many writers try to work late hours or get up early. It helps to work with no interruption. You can also consider such options and get productive with your work. Prefer Friday afternoons if you are energetic enough to keep writing after the entire week.

It is the time when others prefer calling, texting, and emailing for the last-minute chores. Try to work more when people want to wrap up and feel different. Apply this strategy during holidays and weekends.

Use Your Day Job Time

Often people say freelancers are lazy and irregular. It is because they work late at night and waste the daytime in having fun. You can skip those entertainment breaks and avoid excess use of Facebook and Instagram. Try not to waste time on idle gossip with family.

If you are operating as a freelance writer or blogger, try to make the most of your time in the morning. Feel productive and act as if you are operating in a workplace.

Wrap Up

Time management tips for writers can help in the creation of high-rank scripts. Working as a freelancer can be a boon for many. All you must do is to keep a track of the words you write. Learn and grow every day because blogging and writing will always demand for better.

Last, adopt a habit of working when you are at your best. The mantra of writing quickly is to create blogs when you are in the mood. While you are bound to complete your task on time, you can take an additional step and write more if you have the energy.

It will help you in completing tasks before time and assist you to meet deadlines.