How to Be an Event Planner for Kids Parties

Do you love kids? Do you love planning parties? Would you like to make a business as an event planner for kids’ parties? This is a fabulous business to get into if you want to become your own boss. While being part of a party filled with kids sounds fun and easy, it takes focused work to become successful at it. 

You must have a passion and a knack for working with kids, and you must be diligent about setting up and marketing the business properly. Let’s look at ways that will help you become a successful event planner for kids’ parties.

Organize the Party

As an event planner, one of the main actions you need to take is to plan and organize the party. Meet with the parents or with the company that’s hosting the party, and find out what the kids love to do. Are they interested in pirates or castles and princesses? How old are the kids, and how many are there? What kind of budget are you working with? What kind of activities will be available?

Plan the Party

You need to find a suitable space to hold the event and create a theme based on the children’s interest and hire people to help with activities. Timing is important. A successful party should not last longer than three hours. The right kind of food is crucial. Keep the menu simple, familiar, and appropriate for the age group. Be sure to check for allergies among the attendees. Be available to answer any questions the staff or parents may have during the event. 

Build Your Business

Take a course on how to set up a business and create a website. Once your business is set up, you need to market it. Word of mouth among friends is a great way to begin, but if you truly want to expand your business, you need to market your name and company through the internet. A great target market is corporations that will give you plenty of repeat business.

Market Your Business

YouTube is one of the most successful of all social media channels, and you can easily create a YouTube channel showing how to plan a party. Write an e-book on the subject to showcase your expertise. Use Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to show your fabulous photos and videos of how much fun the kids and parents are having. 

Learn Influence Marketing

Take a course on influence marketing to boost your business. Once you have a large and loyal base of fans who follow you on YouTube and other social media channels, you can become an influence marketer. You can pair with a brand whose products you use. The brand will pay you to naturally market its name with your videos and photos on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Your fans will see you using the product and will want to use them as well.

Being an event planner for kid’s parties requires hard work, but with the right marketing campaign, you will become the go-to person to organize these events. You can have a long and successful career being an event planner for kids’ parties.