How to Find a Writing Job

With an estimated value totaling £23 billion in 2015, online investments are not only the most lucrative but also hold a promising future for investors. Owing to the potential, a ton of parties is venturing the field, thus making the competition for gigs stiff. However, this does not imply that the market is impenetrable.

Thanks to the ever increasing demand for well-written content for blogs in a broad array of niches, finding a writing job in line with your skills is a straightforward procedure. But it goes without saying, landing your first writing job will not be a walk down the park.

The following tips should come in handy to guide you to landing the first gig. For worthwhile stipends, engage quality sites for WritingJobz, thus embarking on a fruitful journey as a writer.

Setting up a LinkedIn and Quora account

Among the plethora of social media platforms, linked in and Quora rank top of the sites for client-writer interactions. By establishing an active account and frequently posting, you showcase your skills to clients and also show clients that you are media savvy.

Similarly, social media platforms keep you updated on trending topics and skills which ensure that you hone your writing skills. Also, these sites act as a great channel to sell your portfolio to a wide range of clients within your field of interests.

Besides aiding in selling your skills, profiles on these platforms contribute to better search engines, therefore, increasing the number of people that can access your services. 

Pitching for local freelance projects

We are all familiar with the adage: charity begins at home. Before turning to huger markets, apply for writing positions in local companies as not only does this give you exposure to the field but also tons of experience to help you maneuver challenges you may face in future endeavors.

Signing up on freelance sites

Although it may take a lot of time to establish a portfolio you can boast of; freelance platforms rank top of the methods for writers to land jobs. With sites like Upwork, guru, and freelancer, you can easily create a platform and access jobs that require your skillset.

To excel on freelance sites, however, you are required to create proposals that knock the socks off clients and get you an interview. Although many advice to go for projects with meager earnings, it is vital to settle for substantial amounts that won’t drive your venture into losses.

For a more relaxed time landing jobs, create a profile that exhibits your skills and offers samples to some of the articles you have written.

Engaging site owners and indulging authors in discussions for better delivery

Although this may sound like a long shot to many, it is an ideal way to exhibit your skill and understanding of a topic to clients. However, ensure that you offer positive criticism and how you would help better the content to increase traffic.

Although it takes time to land your first freelance gig, doing it the wrong way only lengthens the wait and denies your projects you are well-skilled to handle. To learn the ropes of freelance writing, follow the tips offered above, putting into consideration the improvement of your skills and exploration of various niches.