5 Ways Your Business’s HVAC System Can Save You Money

In any business, there are always overhead costs to deal with. Some of these costs are fixed, but some allow wiggle room, including your HVAC system. Here are some ways to make your HVAC system work for you:

1. The right size

Is your HVAC system the right size for your space? If your system is older or it feels like it’s always kicking on, it may be time for an audit. Your local utility company can do an audit for you and see how much energy your current system is using. You may find you need a larger system or even a different type of system.

2. The right system

There are multiple types of systems out there that can work for your business. If you are in a smaller space, it may be worth considering a zoning system. What is a zoning system? It is exactly how it sounds. A zoning system can allow you to only heat or cool a concentrated area of your business. If everyone is only in one area of the office for the majority of the time, you can concentrate the airflow in that zone and shut it off in unused areas. This will use less energy, saving you and your business money.

3.  The smart thermostat

A great complement to a zoning system or other HVAC system is a smart thermostat. These are programmable, so you can have your air run only during business hours. The best part is there is an app for them so you can control your thermostat from your phone. On vacation, but forgot to turn the air up over the weekend? You can do that from your phone. In a meeting, but forgot to run the air in the conference room? You can do that from your phone too. Smart thermostats are a great time, energy, and money saver.

4. The tax rebates and incentives

Did you know, by saving energy you could get a tax rebate and other incentives? Well, you can. Check with your local utility company and they can do an energy audit. Take their advice, implement those changes, and that is where the rebates come in. Perhaps your HVAC system needs an upgrade and you install an ENERGY STAR-certified system. Not only will that system consume significantly less energy, but you most likely can get a tax rebate.

5. The regular maintenance

Invest in regular routine maintenance for your system. Not only will this keep your HVAC system healthy, but it will save you time and money in costly repairs. Most certified HVAC companies are able to do a contract with you where they come by about twice a year and will offer discounts on repairs.

There are numerous ways your HVAC system can save you money. All it takes is some good research and making the right choices for your business. Contact your local HVAC technicians to see how they can help you make the changes you need to save you money in the long run.