Integrating Physical Access Control With HR Tools For Better Project Management

Mobile credentials are the fastest-growing access control product. Mobile credentials were up about 150% between 2017 and 2018, with around 58% of businesses already invested, or expected to invest in this technology within the next three years.

Did you know that access control not only supports your security strategy but can be integrated with HR tools for better project management?

Here I’ll look into the tools that you can integrate with your mobile credential access control system. 

How to integrate HR tools with your access control system?

You can optimize access control by integrating it with HR tools for visitor management, occupancy management, wellness verification, and more. Since the pandemic, the challenges faced by HR have grown, and these emerging technologies can assist in overcoming such difficulties.

Setting up access control

A keyless door entry system for your business is a cornerstone for HR integrations. This type of system for access control provides enhanced security while allowing for easier HR functions such as streamlined access for visitors and appointments. 

Access control with mobile credentials allows new employees to easily download their access cards without needing to create a new physical key card. Mobile access will enable employees to enter your offices without reaching into their pocket, as it has Bluetooth capabilities. The system is convenient, provides security for better overall security management, and allows for many integrations.

Smart desk management

You can integrate access control with a smart desk management system. With the introduction of more hybrid work teams since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been an increased need for employees to secure a desk in the office for when they plan to come in. Smart desk management has a user-friendly interface with your office floor plan

It displays when employees book desks at specific times and who they are secured by. If your employees need to sit in teams or simply wish to sit with their friends when they visit the office, these features are infinitely helpful.

Visitor management

Visitor management allows visitors to register their information digitally. Visitor information has been increasingly important since the outbreak of Coronavirus due to needing to implement a track and trace system. This system requires businesses to contact visitors if an outbreak occurs in their establishment. 

Visitor management systems notify employees when their guest has registered, allowing them to quickly come and collect them from the reception or lobby of the office. Visitor management assists HR teams by allowing them to have an accurate and up-to-date log of visitors.

Wellness verification

Wellness verification has many functions. It serves as a way to screen for coronavirus symptoms and allows your HR team to check in with employees’ mental health and well-being. Wellness verification software provides mobile forms to be filled out before the employee enters the building. 

The form can contain a list of coronavirus symptoms to ensure that employees do not enter the workplace without a negative test when they are symptomatic. You can also use wellness verification software to implement mental health surveys and indicate the need for a wellness retreat or a seminar on how employees can take care of their mental wellbeing and manage stress in the workplace. 

This resource is adapted to help HR teams respond effectively to the health concerns posed by the pandemic and take a proactive approach in caring for employees’ emotional health and wellbeing.

Occupancy management

Occupancy management is helpful to assist HR in ensuring the workplace is compliant with social distancing measures and does not subject its employees to the hazard of overcrowding. 

With occupancy management, your HR team will be allowed to view how many employees have accessed a facility within the office at one time and implement restrictions that prevent employees from entering an already crowded space. Since overcrowding is a relatively new hazard in the workplace, this software allows HR teams to keep up with the current health and safety landscape.

The benefits of integrating HR tools and access control

Some of the benefits of integrating HR tools with your access control system include:

  • It establishes a strong link between HR, IT, and security teams for defining precise rules for operations within the business.
  • HR teams can provide real-time updates to security personnel.
  • HR can adapt to the health and safety concerns posed by the pandemic, such as overcrowding, and establish a method for screening for coronavirus symptoms.
  • The software allows for a hands-on approach for employee mental wellbeing.

Summing up

By converging HR functions with your access control system, you will be enhancing your HR team’s capabilities. They will be better able to communicate with IT and security and optimize the efficiency of business operations

With the introduction of more hybrid working and other health and safety concerns in the office since the pandemic, it has become crucial for HR to utilize emerging technologies that facilitate an adequate response.