Power Up Your Recruitment Process with Text Messaging

With most people carrying around a cell phone, text messaging is an excellent way to reach just about anyone. When you make it easy to apply for jobs online, this means you aren’t going to gather a lot of information up front. You will want to have an easy way to reach out to potential recruits to ask questions and send out reminders. Text messaging is your answer. When you implement a text messaging software as part of your recruitment strategy, you will see a big boost in your ability to reach a more qualified group of candidates.

Mobile Phones are Everywhere

Cell phones are everywhere, and people looking for a job are searching on mobile devices. Most people keep their phone close enough to reach at all times. Text messaging generally comes standard with most cell phone plans. To reach your candidates on the devices they are carrying around anyway, it’s time to use texting to reach a wider audience.

Keep Your Recruitment Approach Personalized

Texting can help you build a relationship with potential job seekers. You can create specialized lists among your subscribers so that you only send out messages that are relevant to each recipient. When your messages are targeted to the right audience, they become more genuine. It is useful to know that individuals younger than 45 prefer text messaging over other forms of communication. Job seekers older than 45 tend to want phone calls and emails for communication, especially for the initial contact. No matter how you contact your recruits, remember to keep communication professional and to the point.

Text Messaging is Quicker than Email

It can take days before you have a job seeker respond to an email. Text messages have a much higher and faster response rate, as they are opened 98% of the time. When you send a text message, your message is likely to be read within in a few minutes. Emails can get lost in spam folders and never read at all. When you begin using text messaging in your recruitment process, you will see an increase in how fast the process goes for you.

Candidates Can’t Always Answer the Phone

It is likely that the candidates you are trying to reach are still working a day job. This means that it is difficult to reach your candidates during business hours. Answering the phone while at work regarding another job is usually not possible. When you send a text message instead, your recruit will be able to answer you. The message is sent to their personal device, and it only takes seconds to respond to a text. Texting allows for seamless communication, even when a candidate is at work during the day.

Follow Up Easily With Text Messaging

If you are recruiting with mobile keywords, it is easy to follow up using text messaging. You will be able to delineate what list each recruit goes on through the use of keywords. When individuals apply for a job, you can ask for permission to send text messages in order to communicate. Once you have permission, you will be able to send out reminders, links for further information, or a simple thank you for coming in for an interview.

Texting is going to speed up your recruitment efforts. You’ll be able to communicate with candidates, no matter where they are. Reach out to a wider audience by integrating text messaging into your recruitment efforts. With texting in place, you will have an easier time recruiting the best candidates.