Smart Ways to Keep Your Business Premises Clean

First impressions are important when it comes to your business, which means keeping your premises in tip-top condition should feature near the top of your list of priorities. If your customers can see you in the best light possible, they are going to be more inclined to do business with you. There are many ways you can cut costs when it comes to running a business, but the cost of keeping your premises clean shouldn’t be one of them. It’s important to keep your workplace clean for the following reasons:

  • You can never redo a first impression, so you need to make it count
  • It’s healthier for your employees
  • It removes unseen allergens
  • Reduces the risk of spreading illness

You could spend all day keeping your premises clean, but there are plenty of other things that require your attention. Here are five tips to help you keep your business premises clean.

  1. Encourage employees to move away from their desks and workstations at lunch and snack times. This will avoid food crumbs and debris falling into keyboards, onto chairs, and under tables.
  2. Encourage good waste management practices. Ask your employees not to dispose of half eaten food containers or unfinished drinks into the office waste bin and provide a more appropriate disposal location either in the canteen or outside.
  3. Introduce a regular waste management program. You can choose to employ your own team of cleaners or hire a company such as America’s Cleaning Service who provide cleaning services in Orange County NY.
  4. Clearing away unsealed drinks at the end of the day will discourage pests such as ants.
  5. A regular maintenance schedule will ensure gaps, crevices, holes, and pipe leaks are repaired. These may be minor repairs, but if not dealt with promptly, they will worsen and provide access for pests such as ants, rodents, and cockroaches.

If you want your employees to help you maintain a clean workspace, you should lead by example. It’s up to you to set the standard, so make sure you set the bar high. If you show your employees you care about your surroundings and are proud of your business premises, they are sure to follow. If you don’t have a regular cleaning service provider visiting every day, allocate some of the smaller cleaning jobs to your employees, but make sure nobody is singled out and they all take turns. It can be difficult convincing employees of the importance of keeping the workplace clean, but it is possible.

Other ways to ensure your business premises are kept clean include providing doormats at all entryways to trap dirt and dust. Make sure there are litter bins located throughout the workspace and ensure they are regularly emptied.

Keeping desks and workspaces clean and tidy will impact on your employees’ productivity. They won’t be wasting time trying to find important paperwork or looking around for a pen. Employees will be more focused on their tasks in hand and less distracted by the clutter on their desks. Making sure your premises are clean and tidy is good for everyone involved in your business and for customers as well.

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