6 Tips for Creating Interesting Content for Your Facebook Page

Create interesting social media content.

We’re living in the age of growing importance of digital marketing and social media promotion. If you have a business of any kind, having a Facebook page is an absolute must. If, for example, someone gets a recommendation for you from a friend, the first place where they’ll look you up is Facebook. You have to post at least some basic info about your services and the way people can contact you, but it’s even better if you take some time and manage your page properly. However, having interesting content that will attract people to your page and thus your business is not as easy as it might seem.

1. Useful content

In the world of social media marketing, useful always means interesting. People that follow your page are normally interested in your brand or your product, so naturally they’d be happy to see a useful piece of advice or some tips and tricks related to your niche. This will not just make them more aware of your presence, but by liking or sharing it they will make their friends aware of your business. Have in mind that usefulness is the holy grail of content marketing and if you want to build a stable community of potential future customers, posting regular useful content related to what you do or sell is a great strategy.

2. End posts with a question

A great way to encourage some engagement from your followers is to end posts asking for their opinion on the matter. People are much more inclined to participate in a discussion if they feel like you’re addressing them personally. Otherwise, even if you post about things that a particular person is normally willing to discuss, if the post looks like some kind of a public announcement, that person probably won’t get involved.  When people start commenting, be patient. You’ll get some silly answers for sure, but try to be nice and cool, because every single comment increases your brand’s visibility on social media.

3. Use contests

Online contests are a great way to attract more followers and gain presence, because it connects two things people like the most – presents and winning. Not only you give away free stuff, but you give them away only to the chosen ones. You may choose people randomly, but it’s even better if you make your followers engage in a creative way and actually compete against each other. That way people might get involved even if they don’t care much about the reward itself, but choose to participate just for the pleasure of the good old competitive tension.

4. Keep it simple

As the amount of information we’re flooded with increases, our attention span is diminishing. It’s not that people don’t have time for long posts and videos, but they definitely don’t have the patience. Write shorter and more condensed posts. When it comes to videos, it’s a bit easier to convince people to spend their time watching something than reading something, but you should then think about adding subtitles to videos, since this increases the number of views substantially.

5. Photos and visuals

Although useful content does well for your brand and your page, the truth is that most people don’t really use Facebook to learn something. The amount of engagement that memes and cute photos of cats get is an excellent proof. Appealing and likable photos are the greatest source of instant gratification and have a hypnotizing effect – the huge and rapid success of Instagram speaks for itself.

So, it’s that simple – post nice photos. It’s ok even if some of them are not tightly related to your business, because that shows your audience that you’re not there just to sell them stuff but that you’re a cool brand that wants to get close to people, that you’re one of them. Don’t worry if you don’t have a photographer, since there are places on the internet like BURST that offer loads of stock images free for commercial or personal use.

6. Brand everything you can

It’s important that your page doesn’t look like any old meme page that shares random interesting and funny stuff. It’s not enough to be consistent when it comes to writing style or topics you cover in your posts, but you also have to have a unique design that you will use in all your visuals. Having this kind of visual consistency is crucial for building brand awareness and recognition and you shouldn’t underestimate it.

Posting interesting content is essential if you want to build a popular and successful Facebook page for your business. But it’s just the beginning. Make sure you use all the benefits of social media marketing, all the tools and analytics that can help you track the progress your page is making. Pay attention to the numbers, respect your audience’s feedback to your content and act accordingly.