How to Go Above and Beyond the Standard Employee Benefits

Every company should provide benefits for their employees. In many cases, basic benefits are required to be offered for employees. Essentially, basic benefits employees include healthcare and insurance, paid time off, paid sick leave, bonuses, and retirement plans. However, going above and beyond in regards to benefits can actually improve employee morale, which has a high correlation with productivity. Keep reading to discover how you can go above and beyond with your employee benefits!

Unique Employee Benefits and How to Implement Them

Generous Maternity/Paternity Leave

Some businesses provide paid time off for new parents anywhere from four months up to a year! Implementing this benefit in your company will make new parents more comfortable working with your company and build loyalty. Though it is legally required to give new mothers maternity leave, providing paternity leave is a great benefit any dad deserves to have. 

Unlimited Vacation Days

More often than not, employees lose out on fun opportunities because of work. They can’t go on that dream vacation or attend a once-in-a-lifetime concert because they have to go to work. Giving your employees as many vacation days as they need improves company culture, employee morale, and encourages honest in workers. Your employee is more likely to be honest with you about why they need a day off rather than lying about being sick. Moreover, time away from work prevents burnout and thus improves productivity.

Free Food

Who doesn’t love food? Many companies offer catered meals every day. You could cater lunch every Friday, give gift cards to local restaurants, or even have free coffee, donuts, and bagels in the morning. Some companies even have free snacks sitting out for workers. There’s no better way to encourage productivity than feeding employees!

Company Discounts

Many businesses that offer goods and/or services to customers give their employees discounts. Some even offer free goods and services to employees. For example, Disney Park employees can go to Disney Land and Disney World free of charge. This is a great way to promote your business while giving back to your employees. 


Many businesses give their employees technology, both for work and for fun. For example, you could provide employees with updated laptops, iPads, or even smartwatches. On the other hand, Twilio gives all employees a kindle and $30/month for books. 

Dog-Friendly Work Environment

Making your office dog-friendly is a great way to improve morale in employees. Though you should first make sure no one is allergic in your office, having a dog around will put a smile on anyone’s face. Studies have shown that the presence of dogs improves people’s moods. When people are more upbeat and happy, they are more likely to work hard and be productive. 

Flexible Work Hours

Giving employees the option to start whenever they want is a great benefit. Some employees might want to start work as early as possible so they can go home early or they may have obligations in the mornings. As long as your employees get their work done in a timely manner, allowing them to work flex hours will only improve morale. 

Pay for Education

Some businesses have been known for paying for employees’ college. Starbucks, for example, pays for tuition at Arizona State University (ASU). Moreover, other companies have been known to help employees pay back a portion of their student loans. Relieving the financial pressure on your workers is an amazing benefit they won’t soon forget. 

Office Parties

Though it may seem small, office parties are fun benefits that improve morale immensely. Office parties and activities get workers excited to come to work and keep them motivated in an otherwise monotonous routine. Throw a holiday party, a birthday celebration, or have a worker-appreciation day. 

Free Public Transportation and Remote Work

Some city-based jobs make parking expensive and driving a chore. Paying for public transportation or allowing employees to work remotely some days out of the week can relieve their stress immensely. They will overall have a better outlook on their day and productivity could improve.

Start Implementing Employee Benefits Today!

When you implement employee benefits, it not only will help your company improve productivity, but it will also make it easier to hire new employees. When you go above and beyond the standard employee benefits, candidates will be attracted to your business. Furthermore, you will have less turnover because your employees will love working for you. So don’t delay; start implementing employee benefits today!