Signs It’s Time to Hire Staff for Your Start-up

Signs It’s Time to Hire Staff for Your Start-up

Have you yet to hire your first member of staff? For many start-ups, taking that crucial first step is worrying and exciting. On the one hand, you are likely looking forward to handing off the mundane tasks so that you can focus on other parts of the business. However, on the other, you might worry that you’re hiring too soon, harming both the business’s profits and the chance of future success. So, to ensure that you don’t get ahead of yourself by hiring new staff, consider whether these signs are familiar.  

You Don’t Have Time for the Manual Tasks

Do you no longer have time to stock inventory, pack orders, and reply to emails? If that’s the case, it’s a sign that you should hire employees to take on those jobs. Even just one new employee can make a world of difference to your schedule. One person can handle the orders, while you can focus on other tasks like scheduling, attending meetings, designing products, or developing marketing campaigns. 

If you want to save money, or you’re not quite ready to hire someone yet, there are other options. One option is using an order fulfillment company to handle your products’ ordering, picking, packing, shipping, and returns. They’ll even manage your inventory, so you only have to focus on running the business! Visit for more information on how order fulfillment can help your business save money and time while improving customer satisfaction.

You Receive Complaints from Customers

Receiving complaints from customers is never nice to hear. However, it doesn’t always indicate that you’re doing something wrong – some customers are very picky! That might not be the case if you receive lots of complaints. If you’re constantly hearing how negative your customer’s experience was, it might be that there’s too much for you to take on alone. In this case, hiring staff members to take on order handling and customer service can save you time while ensuring satisfied customers. 

Your Creativity Has Fizzled Out

Many business owners start with many interesting ideas they want to bring to life. However, that level of creativity often fizzles out once the hard work becomes too much. If you are constantly worried about meeting deadlines and responding to customers, it’s safe to assume your creativity levels aren’t what they once were. To get them back, allow employees to handle the more mundane tasks while you return to your creative thinking

You’re Stressed with the Workload

Most business owners admit they get stressed from time to time – that’s part of being a business owner! That doesn’t mean the stress should overwhelm you, though. So, if you can’t manage it, look at how much your workload is and consider handing off some responsibilities to new hires. While success is undoubtedly your number one goal, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your mental state to achieve it. 

You Have a Role in Mind 

Before hiring a new staff member, it’s important to have a specific role in mind. Otherwise, the new hire might turn up, and you have no idea what to do with them! Having a clear employee position in mind shows that you’ve given it some thought and that you’re prepared for the transition. Plus, if you have a role that you want to fill, you’ll have an easier time writing a job description for it and choosing the correct candidate. 

You Make a Consistent Profit

Some business owners jump to hiring staff without considering that their new-found profit may not last. If you want to hire, it’s important to wait until you can pay their wages indefinitely. A new hire is definitely a good idea for business owners that have made a consistent profit without it seeming to waver. After all, the business has achieved the goal of consistency, so it makes sense that the next step is to grow the team.

Remember that avoiding hiring when you need to can lead to a business’s downfall. In fact, it can be just as detrimental as hiring staff when you don’t need to! So, if you are showing many of the above signs, don’t put it off. Once you have new staff working for your business, you’ll likely feel relieved that you can finally use your talents for other areas of business like marketing and creative planning.