10 Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Will Soon Replace

It is quite inevitable that many jobs will lose their battle gains artificial intelligence. The job disruption caused by Ai is wide-spread and is soon going to replace humans in many industrial and corporate sectors. However, it is also undeniable that this powerful technology will help in creating better job opportunities as it emerges and evolves.

There’s no doubt that cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence will change the facade of the employment sector. Artificial intelligence can analyze faster, develop quicker and market better than humans. However, with the fear of getting replaced by AI, there is hope too. The hope that AI-powered robots and machines will not be the replacements of human rather a tool to make our jobs better, more efficient and secure.

The truth, however, dwells in between those two standpoints—in most of the cases. On the other hand, some jobs and employment are not that fortunate; they might not need human services in coming future. Where AI allows us to be more efficient and data-driven, replacement of these jobs with AI-driven machines and robots is a part of this epic industrial and technological revolution. So without further ado, here’s a little sneak peek to the future of the corporate world:


What are the odds? 99 %.

Reason: career growth is stunted, and the career space is reducing on a regular basis. The main reason for such a rapid and successful takeover by AI-activated robots and machines is the requirements needed to become a successful telemarketer. Conversion rates from direct sales phone call are much lower than the automated one—a great opportunity for the AI robots to annex out the human services from telemarketing department.

Bookkeeping clerks

What are the odds? 98%.

Reason: theirs is no probable career growth, and the career space is declining at a glaring speed. It’s not a surprise that something as simple as keeping records of books won’t get automated. From QuickBooks and FreshBooks to Microsoft Office, this software offers ample storage and faster processing than any human clerk could ever provide. Plus you don’t have to pay this software for getting the bookkeeping job done.  So there’s nothing so incredulous about bookkeeping clerks getting replaced by online applications and software packages.

Benefits managers

What are the odds? 96%.

Reason: inclusion of benefits managers in this list is a surprising part. The growth of benefits managers is supposed to amplify in the coming years, but that can’t save it from getting completely automated. Jotting down the company’s benefits, its increased growth rate and its expansion scale on pen and paper is a time-consuming and tedious task.

For that very reason, automated and intelligent benefits systems were introduced which are now getting adopted many business organizations and huge companies while making many successful human benefits managers, unemployed.


What are the odds? 96%.

Reason: if you are a big fan of the TV show The Office, who already saw this coming. However, if you didn’t watch the show, let’s just put it in perspective. The role of a receptionist is to schedule meetings and control the office telephoning system—all that can be done through an automated system. These intelligent phoning systems are best for the companies which don’t have a phoning system across the whole office.


What are the odds? 94%.

Reason: in this case, AI domination might not happen that soon, nor AI-powered machines will completely replace human services. However, in many countries and demographics drones and robots have done successful courier deliveries. At the same time, the employment rate and career growth of this job are expected to increase in the near future. For that very reason, couriering and delivery might still need human services.


What are the odds? 84%.

Reason: proofreading software and online tools. From a simple word and spelling checker of Microsoft Office to the fast and easily accessible Grammarly and Hemming app, the internet is filled with hundreds of proofreading, editing, plagiarism checking, and self-check software packages and online applications. So, it can be safely said that proofreaders have been replaced by AI-powered tools and applications.

Computer support specialists

What are the odds? 66%.

Reason: well, the chances are not that high, but AI will soon catch up on the pace in the field as well. At the same time, this field is supposed to expand at a rapid speed in a couple of coming years. However, with such vast extent of data and a tremendous amount of content available on the internet including hundreds of guides, instructions, guidelines, and hacks, there’s no surprise that companies will choose AI-powered and highly efficient and intelligent robots over human specialists.

Not the companies will prefer robots and AI-activated machines, but the potential customer will also trust the intelligence of a robot more than human intellect.

Market research analyst

What are the odds? 61%.

Reason: the job of a market research analyst is not a non-technical one. You need to do thorough market research, conduct multiple surveys of the products and compile all that information to drive relevant data from it. All these tasks might take days and weeks, to speed up the whole research and analysis process, AI robots and machines were introduced in this field.

These AI-activated tools and applications don’t only conduct a market survey but are also equipped with the ability to make a detailed survey and analysis report on the potential market competitors to get valuable market and industry insights.

Advertising Salesperson

What are the odds? 54%.

Reason: the entire landscape of marketing and advertising has shifted from print media and television to social media platforms and other digital marketing mediums. Now it’s not about more space on billboards and ad space; it’s all about more ad space on social media sites and marketing platforms. So it’s no surprise that the need for human marketing and advertising agency is equal to none now. Plus the industry is supposed to decline drastically in the coming years.

Retail salesperson

What are the odds? 92%.

Reason: just like the political governments of modern times, the companies are now also democratizing the buying experience. The shopper of modern day is well-aware of what he wants and how to get it, any assistance from a retail salesperson is entirely unnecessary. Whether you blame it on the internet-savviness of today’s people or the technologically advanced shopping features and solutions, the retail salesperson is, unfortunately, going out of jobs as the job disruption has begun already.

Did your profession make it to this list?