4 Reasons Why Single Scissor Lift Tables are Popular

Of all the lift tables in the market, the scissor lift table is arguably the most popular. It’s being used in almost every industry, from welding, to manufacturing, to warehouses to even processing.

This table consists of five major components; The platform, Base, Scissor legs, Hydraulic cylinder, and the power source.  The platform provides the surface where the load is placed. The base rests on the floor and is the structure that supports the cross legs.

Scissor legs are the vertical structures that enable the table to change elevation. The hydraulic cylinder is responsible for the lowering and lifting of the platform. Finally, the power source consists of a motor that powers the whole table.

As such, this table is not as complicated as most people think it is.

Therefore, why is it popular?

Below are four reasons why this table is more popular than most other lift tables.

1. Flexibility

The need for lift tables is continually on the rise in the market. More and more industries have understood the benefits these tables have on productivity and safety.

However, as companies look for lift tables, they’re seeking for tables that are compatible with their processes, hence the need for scissor lift tables. The flexibility offered by these tables allows the industry to lift loads of different weights and sizes.

Moreover, with quality scissor tables from SaXLift, you can get customized tables to suit your industry’s needs. 

A customized lift table ensures that you improve not only your employee safety, but also your production rates.

As such, most companies opt for these tables instead of other lift tables.

2. Load capacity

The scissor lift table allows you to lift a wide array of loads without overloading the table. Most tables will handle loads from 500kgs – 5,000 kgs. It’s, therefore, perfect for most industries.

The table’s platform is yet another reason why it’s popular. The platform comes in different sizes and has over 28 models for the standard selection. Their dimensions may range anywhere from 900mm to 5000mm.

As such, you can lift items of any shape or size on these tables quite easily. The platform length also accommodates numerous angles to try out for different activities.

This makes it more efficient than most lift tables in the market.

3. Safety features

The main benefit of lift tables to industries is that it improves employee safety. Therefore, industries are looking for lift tables that can deliver safety to their employees.

The scissor lift table has proven to be such a table. For one, it can lift loads up to a considerable height, not too high or too low. Just high enough to ensure employees don’t bend their backs too much.

Secondly, this table is equipped with mechanical locks and hose burst valves that ensure safer handling and servicing and maintenance. The table also runs on an electrically certified system and overload protection. 

The table’s platform is also fitted with safety trip bars ensuring that all sides of the platform are covered. 

As such, this table is one of the safest you can have in your business. At least, that’s what most industries are thinking. 

4. Durability and Accessories

The scissor lift table is also preferred due to its durability. Most of these tables are designed as an all-steel structure and, thus, can work for a long time without breaking down.

It also requires minimal maintenance and is thus much cheaper compares to most other tables. For example, its platform rarely requires maintenance. Its accessories also provide more options for customization hence making it the perfect table.


The scissor lift table is one of the most useful tables in the market. It satisfies not only the customer’s safety needs, but also productivity and efficiency needs.

Its durability, flexibility, load capacity, and safety features make it the perfect choice for most industries.

Nonetheless, this table is not perfect for every industry. You, therefore, have to research and make sure that it will work seamlessly with your industry.

All in all, when looking for a lift table for your company, you can never go wrong with SaXLift’s Scissor Lift table.