5 Benefits That a Hosted Phone System Could Bring to Your Firm in 2019

When it comes to your internal and external business communications, it’s vital that your phone systems are able to work efficiently and effectively. More and more businesses are opting for a hosted phone system to handle their communications, as this arrangement would have long-term benefits for their internal communications and customer service statistics. 

Here are just a few more of the benefits that a hosted phone service can have for your business. 

The cost

A hosted phone system from a provider like Gamma allows businesses to provide more efficient customer service while also ensuring that calls can easily be dealt with, internally. A hosted phone system operates similarly to the cloud in the sense that all data related to your communications is stored in one data system somewhere in the stratosphere of the internet. 

When analysing this feature in-line with cost, it means that your business doesn’t have to purchase, maintain or update phone hardware and equipment, as everything is operated centrally, online. 

Improved productivity

Productivity is vital to any business looking to grow in new industries and financial markets. Phone hardware can often be difficult to use and extremely time-consuming when it comes to transferring calls or making external contacts. However, a hosted phone service allows you to improve productivity in your workforce by enabling staff to work from anywhere. 

Your workforce will be able to log into the central phone system from home or work, paving the way for increased productivity between different business sites and customers. 

Improved security

The security of your business is vital to protecting important information about that business. You might be thinking that outsourcing your communication lines to an external business stands as a negative, but it actually makes things more secure. 

With all your communication remaining online, it makes it easier for recovery and backup just in case something does go wrong. Additionally, outsourcing to a hosted phone service means that the problem is out of your hands.

Professional service

An online hosted phone service allows your business to offer a thorough and professional service for your customers. This is made possible by the features available within most central data systems that hosted phone services offer. There’s no reason to ever miss a call again or spend your time trying to remember long numbers and extensions. 

Improved features readily available 

The Horizon hosted phone technology offered by Gamma provides a number of different cost-effective features for your business. The features that you can expect with this technology include auto attendants, conferencing facilities, pick-up groups, hot-desking, twinning, extension dialling, speed dials and time of day schedules. 

Hopefully, this article has highlighted some of the stand-out benefits of opting for a hosted phone company when considering an upgrade on your phone hardware. 

Whether you seek a reduction in costs or simply a more centralised operating system, a hosted phone system can help you to unlock an array of much sought-after benefits – perhaps including some you hadn’t originally considered. It can all add up to a wonderfully streamlined business.