Advantages Of Using Project Management Software

Almost all successful businesses in different industries use project management software to manage their business operations and increase productivity while minimizing risks. It is, therefore, an essential tool for large companies around the world. 

The challenge for sales personnel offering project management software is how to market it to small businesses. Most small-business owners are skeptical about using project management software as it would incur a cost. It is also not easy for these small-business owners to shift to a new project management tool when they have been accustomed to their usual business process without the use of this type of software. 

For that reason, providing a detailed technical assessment coupled with an actual demo of the advantages of using project management software could certainly help convince them 

The Significance Of Project Management Software 

The value of a project management software will depend on the users and how they will set its program to suit their business process. Multiple types of project management software offer different functions to their users. Since project management software is a complex tool, it is important that the user can simplify and select the functions that they would need most in their businesses. 

WorkSavi is an excellent project management software that helps its users to have firm control over their business activities. More than that, it is fully customizable to meet the specific requirements of its clients. 

Project management software is also significant as it simplifies mundane tasks of employees so they can focus on more important tasks. This software is not designed to replace human touch but rather simplify and improve their work. 

Functions And Benefits Of Project Management Software 

The following are common functions and benefits that project management software can provide. 

1. A complete view of all activities 

The software keeps all information about a project in a centralized location to make it easier for project managers and team members to locate status reports, updates, notes, and other documents related to the project. This function also helps the users to be on track of the progress of the project at any given time. 

2. Real-time tracking of projects 

The value of this function lies in the users’ discipline in updating the status of projects as it happens. Some companies require their employees to get the habit of updating projects in real-time by keeping the software program always open. 

3. Efficient task delegation 

The software is designed to make fine-tuning schedules and deadlines easy. It can monitor the progress of a project and individual tasks of members to make sure the project is right on track. 

This function helps assure that no task is overlooked, which can affect the progress of the project. It also makes it easy for managers to tweak and adjust tasks as well as deadlines without consuming too much time. 

4. Monitoring of productivity 

This function allows project managers to see the time it takes for someone to finish a certain task. This is especially useful for projects in which employees are compensated in terms of billable hours. 

5. Optimized budget management 

Clients and workers involved in the project would want to make sure that the project does not go beyond its target budget. Fortunately, the project management software is designed to provide real-time costing of the project to help users in managing their finances and make necessary adjustments in resources. 

6. Instant updates 

Communications are made instant with project management software. The software allows users to attend to urgent phone calls with all stakeholders involved in the project by notifying them of the nature of the call. 

7. Efficient management of work hours 

Since the software is designed to offer instant updates to the users, it reduces or eliminates unnecessary touch-base meetings which take up precious time of employees. 

8. Accessibility anytime, anywhere 

This function is especially useful for employees who work both on-site and/or off-site as it allows them to instantly access the program anytime, anywhere. This allows easier communication among members of the team so that tasks are not compromised due to connection issues. 

This is also helpful for project managers to manage the activities of remote working teams and/or individuals. 

Opportunities For Business Improvement 

It is understandable for small-business owners to be skeptical about using project management software. A group demo session is especially helpful for them so that the software representative can present the program’s features as well as answer technical inquiries from potential clients. 

After using this tool, the following improvements in business operations are expected: 

  • Better communication of employees within the company as well as with their external stakeholders. 
  • Clearer expectation in terms of work output among employees encourages them to get the work done quickly. 
  • Efficient task management system to ensure important tasks are prioritized and deadlines are met. 
  • Better organization of tasks to encourage accountability among members. 
  • Increased productivity as tasks are streamlined to important ones and risks are managed. 


Project management software is a complex but essential tool not just for big companies but for start-up businesses as well. However, employees within the company must be committed to using the program as its success depends on the data inputted by employees 

Not all software programs are created equal. Interested clients need to compare and analyze the features and benefits of different project management software to determine which ones suit their business operations.