Top 10 Software Development Companies in USA

Finding an expert software development company in the USA has become a challenging task nowadays; because there are so many options available in the market out there. Today, when we search for a software development company, we find hundreds of search results related to small and large companies providing software development services. Also, many offshore software developers are offering high-quality freelance software development services too, and at very affordable rates. This decides to find the best software development company even more difficult.  

So, if you are searching for the best software development company, then our list of top 10 software development companies in the USA can help you find one. When it comes software development industry in the USA, it has shown tremendous growth and profitability in recent years. This is the main reason why we see a plethora of software development companies of all sizes and freelance software developers providing high-performing software solutions at a reasonable cost.  

So, if you want to find reliable, affordable, and high-quality resources for software development, we would recommend you choose one from our list of top 10 software development companies in the USA, that is based on surveys, extensive market research, and client feedback.  

1. SumatoSoft 

At number one, we have a highly trusted name of the SumatoSoft. The company has been consistently holding a leading position in the US software development industry. Founded in 2012, the company intends to deliver high-performing software solutions to its diverse clients, all across the globe. Core areas of SumatoSoft’s software development include Business Analysis, MVP (Most Viable Product), Prototyping, Quality Testing, RoR Web Development, etc. The company excels in developing customized software development in domains of financial technologies, healthcare, transport, and logistics, etc. SumatoSoft’s software development services can be hired against $30-$49/hour.  

2. Agile Engine  

The next name on our list is Agile Engine which was founded in 2010. Agile Engine has gained immense popularity within the market due to its dedicated and highly skilled team of software developers, mobile app developers, and web designers. Looking at the portfolio, you can easily find client companies of all types and sizes, ranging from multinational conglomerates to budding startups. The company is specialized in providing software development services all across the world, however, its team of software developers is mainly from the USA, Ukraine, and Argentina. You can also get professional software development services from Agile Engine against $50 – $99/hour. The company has a successful track record of providing software development services to clients like Facebook, Google Play and Webb Awards, etc.  

3. Apparent Technologies 

An ideal option for you could be Apparent Technologies if you are looking for an extraordinarily innovative IT company. Founded in 2016, Apparent Technologies Inc. has been providing IT consultancy and software development services in the market. The company has successfully managed to form a remarkable reputation in the market in a very short time, by providing software solutions based on cutting-edge technology. Apparent Technologies is especially known for its distinctive solutions in the area of software development, software designing, and digital marketing. Although Apparent Technologies is a small software development company, their technology stack, set of expertise, and the talent pool is simply impeccable. You can hire their service for $20/hour. 

4. Code Creators Inc.  

Code Creators Inc. is the next-generation software development company, that is well-known for providing extraordinary IT consultancy services and customized software solutions. Founded in 2010, Code Creators Inc. is well-recognized in the market for providing high-quality Customized Software Development, Cloud Solutions, SharePoint Development, Power BI consulting, Power Apps, Cross-Platform App Development, Quality Assurance, and IT Consulting, etc. CCI is outperforming the market with its high-quality yet reasonably priced software development services. CCI charges about $50 – $99 per hour for their IT consultancy and software development services. 

5. Unified InfoTech 

Next on our list is an award-winning software development company that is well-known for its exceptional IT consultancy and software development services. Unified InfoTech is the premium choice for both SMEs and large enterprises because of its creative IT solutions. The company can turn out to be an ideal IT partner especially if you are seeking mobile application and web application services in the long run. With the right blend of smart planning, advanced technologies, and cutting-edge designing thinking methods, Unified InfoTech is leading the market by providing cost-effective, highly productive, and efficient business solutions. You can hire their software development services for $25 – $49/hour.  

6. Archer Software  

Archer Software is another worthy name in our list of top 10 software development companies. Well-known for its premium IT consultancy and software development services, Archer Software has proven to be a strong player based on its customers’ reviews and feedback. The company has great customer feedback for its unique digital solution within the banking, finance, automotive, and healthcare industry. You can hire software developers from Archer Software against $50 – $99/hour.   

7. Artelogic 

Artelogic is a great option for SMEs, but it is equally proficient to serve large business enterprises as well. Relatively, it is a new company, but it has successfully managed to earn an outstanding market reputation for itself. Founded in 2012, the company is well-versed in its product development, resource augmentation, and outstanding software development services. Artelogic’s software development services can cost you around $50 – $99 per hour.  

8. Nine Hertz 

Nine Hertz is another trusted name in the software industry of the USA. Serving the market for more than 11 years, Nine Hertz offers a wide range of IT development services including Cloud Solutions, E-Commerce Development, Custom Software Development, Digital Marketing, Quality Testing, and Mobile App Development, etc. The company charges $25 – $45 per hour for its software consulting and software development services. 

9. Viftech Solutions 

Your next destination for high-quality and affordable software development could be Viftech Solutions. With a highly dedicated, skilled, and professional team of software developers, web designers, and quality experts, Viftech Solutions is leading the Asian and Western markets. The company upholds a very powerful market reputation in a short span of 10 years only. The company is especially known for its smart solutions in Custom Software Development, We-Development, Mobile App Development, Power BI Development, UX/UI Development, SharePoint Development, E-Commerce Development, Quality Assurance, Cloud Solutions, Cross-Platform App Development, and Expert IT Consultation.  

10. Zealous Web 

Last, but not least on our list is Zealous Web. Zealous Web is another trusted software development company that has been serving the market for 9 years now. The company has successfully delivering high-performing software solutions to its clients all across the globe. Zealous Web provides excellent software solutions in areas of Custom Software Development, We-Development, Mobile App Development, Power BI Development, UX/UI Development, SharePoint Development, E-Commerce Development, Quality Assurance, Cloud Solutions, and Cross-Platform App Development, etc. The company charges $30 – $45/hour for their services.