Budget-Friendly Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business 

When it comes to small business marketing, the biggest obstacle faced it the tight budget. But no one will listen if you do not make a noise about your business. Well, don’t be upset if you are on a budget. You can try plenty of methods to bootstrap marketing for your small business.

YouTube it away

It is a misconception that YouTube videos have to be extraordinary and revolutionary to get viral. Several ‘how to’ videos on YouTube can become surprisingly popular. We all know that when we are looking to buy a new product like a phone or a watch we go through the YouTube videos uploaded and compare the products. This platform provides retailers with a real opportunity to demo their products. Relevance is necessary for YouTube marketing.

Be Vocal for your Industry

You know the value of expertise now so share it away. Get in touch with your local media and put your efforts to give quotes that go with your business. Stay proactive on social media, online groups and respond to the hot topics. Start posting in forums, LinkedIn groups and be as much vocal as you can be. Becoming a vocal spokesperson might give you an opportunity to speak at a conference to give your product some credibility.

Enter Awards

You are a genius; you know it- now let everyone else see your brilliance!

Several industries have business awards that you can participate in. Most are free. The best part is that when you win you will be able to shout out about your business bringing in more publicity and enhancing your repo. Many awards give badges to the winners which are eye-catchy for your homepage. This will also help you gain some press coverage. Even if you do not win you can analyze the statistics of your success and work accordingly.

Conduct a workshop

Interact with your customers and reach out by conducting educational seminars and webinars online. Be it any business, you can host a class in your office or shop or online. Think carefully about the knowledge that you are imparting to the customers. Only put useful content in your seminar and don’t overdo. Customers appreciate the information but do not conduct long seminars. The long hours might make them lose interest at all.

Grab free advertising opportunities

Email marketing and sending out flyers is a good way to publicize your business but have you considered putting billboards on your car? No, not the huge creepy ones but small and attractive vinyl signage. Think about it. You go to several places in your car and hundreds of people see your car every day. Your car can become a mobile billboard for your business.

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing puts an emphasis on creativity over budget and can win your business some real respect. Even the huge companies with an unlimited budget have shifted to low-cost guerrilla marketing tactics. The passers-by will stop, take a look again, laugh and will share on social media when you provide them with the best campaign.

These are a few ideas for kick-starting your business. Experiment on each of these and find out which one proves more effective for your business.