11 Savvy SaaS Tools Your Small Business Needs In Order To Scale

Scaling your business is hard. That is where SaaS tools come In — for savvy business owners and entrepreneurs who appreciate the value of software and automation, there is nothing like a good SaaS tool to save the day. Instead of getting stuck in a rut, use these eleven tools to help you sort out your business finances, marketing, social media, and more.


The easy-to-use accounting app has great dashboards that allow entrepreneurs and small business owners to take control of their finances in a proactive way – something that every SME must give serious attention to.

Without accurate financial information, it can be hard to know where to invest next. This means you may pool resources into the wrong segments of your business, causing it to grow at a slower rate than it should do.

Best thing about Xero? It integrates with just about anything, making it the perfect addition to your business ecosystem.


Asana is great for managing team members, especially when your team includes remote workers – something that’s important part for flexible businesses.

It’s a great project management tool for a scaling business: it’s more sophisticated than some of the other tools on the market at this price-point, and is greatly appreciated by developers and project managers (who know a good tool when they see one).

And what’s my favorite thing about Asana? It means that you can keep your team on schedule, allowing you to scale your business to a realistic timescale.


Everyone’s favorite chat channel, Slack, is great for businesses who need help with scaling their comms and getting off email. It’s no surprise then that 43% of the United States’ biggest companies are using this tool.

Email is where tasks go to die. Basecamp is where tasks are hung out to dry, so that they can been seen and collected when needed. Slack offers a slick and quick way of getting your message across to the right people right away.

Just make sure you have clear rules around Slack — what belongs there, and what doesn’t. Why? Because do to the fast-paced nature of this communications tool, conversations get get lost in a mountain of replies. Have a look at the following video to learn more about Slack:


The king of automation, Zapier is an awesome tool that lets you connect just about anything using handy little “zaps.”

These zaps connect to the apps your company uses and automate the workflows employed by your business. Zapier shifts information between your apps automatically, which makes it simple for your team to prioritize their workloads.

More than a million people use this tool everyday. Once you add it to your business, you’ll use it each and every day.


For some people organization is a chore. For others it’s a joy. For your small business it’s just an essential part of having a smooth, efficient, and profitable operation.

Use Feedly to help you share, manage, and delegate information in your business. Well worth its monthly subscription fee, this is a lifeline for both organizing internal training resources and marketing materials.

Check out the video below for more on Feedly:


Email marketing has an ROI of 3800%. It’s simple maths then to determine that having an email marketing tool is a must have for your small business. Step forward GetResponse.

It has a very reasonable pro package, a 30 day trial period, and provides an incredible level of automation which will save your business time and earn you money. But that’s not the best thing.

Email marketing is essential for a growing business, but you need a tool that can grow with you as you slowly start to automate more. GetResponse allows to go your email marketing strategy in line with the growth of your business.


The savvy social scheduling tool. This tool allows you to scale your social efforts with ease. How? By letting you schedule your posts, allowing you to track the links and clicks of your posts (letting you review the success rate of different posts), and color code your content.

Those are just a few of the ways that this great tool can help your small business. To find out more about the great features of MeetEdgar, watch the video underneath from company founder, Laura Roeder:


Trello is a visual project management tool that lets you use boards to track the progress of your work – you then add cards to boards to further break down the tasks for an individual project.

Great for anyone in the creative or web industry, Trello boards are the perfect way to project manage ecommerce projects, and its price-point makes it popular with entrepreneurs who have invested in/run stores under the 10 K mark — making it perfect for web entrepreneurs looking to scale. Trello can help you co-ordinate and launch successful web projects and rebrands with ease and elegance.


Google Analytics should be one of the first tools any small business installs. However, if you want to get more from the data you hold on your web visitors, then you need Hotjar to take you to the next level.

It gives you click heatmaps, move heatmaps, and scroll heatmaps to visualize the behavior and aspirations of your visitors. It also comes with conversion funnels, lets you carry out surveys and feedback polls, and records what your visitors see. If you want to really understand your customers, you need Hotjar.

G Suite

Adding G Suite to your business lets you use cloud computing to make your business more efficient and collaborative.

For a small monthly fee, get access to awesome cloud features. From content management to video conferencing, the Google cloud is a tool that digitizes the small day-to-day tasks that add up to create an enormous whole for your company.


Lastly, we have a tool that empowers small to large-sized organizations. Zoho gives you the power to build leads, automate your workflows, and increase conversions.

Zoho does all this by offering email, invoicing, and a CRM together in one handy tool. While I could go on for hours about this tool, your business doesn’t have that time to spare. So watch the great video below:

Scaling is one of the most important parts of a company’s lifecycle – it’s what turns a small business into an enterprise. With the right tools you can scale faster, deeper, and in a more controlled fashion. So what are you waiting for? Add these 11 savvy SaaS tools to your business and scale up, and up, and up.