Crypto Could Be Coming To eBay In The Near Future 

Crypto Could Be Coming To eBay In The Near Future 

The CEO of eBay, Jamie Iannone, made a very news-worthy statement in a recent interview. The organization’s leader shared while speaking with that they are seriously considering offering a new payment option. The popularity of cryptocurrencies has become so widespread that eBay may soon offer this feature to their customers. 

At the time of this writing, it has not been finalized yet. The company is reviewing the possibility of accepting cryptocurrencies in the not too distant future. Jamie Iannone went on to say that the initiative would include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other types of cryptocurrency. Last year, eBay revised its existing policy so that people could sell or purchase anything on the site. That would then include digital as well as physical commodities. 

Other e-commerce platforms have recently made the move to go forward and start accepting cryptocurrencies as payment on their sites. This is, in large part, due to the uptick in demand from the public including with Millennials. eBay has had its share of experience with bitcoin’s dating back to 2014. The firm has a steadfast focus on attracting more of the Millennial and the Gen Z markets to the platform.  

It was reported that eBay was considering a launch of Bitcoin integration in 2021. In addition, they were also exploring adding NFT trading as a new feature on their platform. The plans for integration may soon be coming to fruition in light of the fact that the crypto market is rapidly growing. It is more mainstream than ever before in its history, and investors are getting more comfortable using cryptocurrency. 

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Bitcoin is one of the other many forms of well-established currencies. The are all meant to work as a method of payment. Not all of them have become very widely used quite yet, however, there certainly is evidence that things are trending to that point. Bitcoin has displayed some barriers for entry when used as a payment method.  

This is a factor that could be inhibiting some new and potential users. There are only a relatively small amount of businesses that accept it so far. With that in mind, since Bitcoin payments are one of numerous options, most businesses prefer a more easy integration. This, by no means, makes it any less of a viable alternative.  

There are experts who believe that they should not rule it out. It does not make sense to turn down a payment method if there are many users who want to pay by Bitcoin. There are consumers across the globe who want to use their Bitcoin to make a purchase, and it may be a business opportunity to accommodate them. Today, business owners can access user guides to help with the payment set-up.