What to Look for in a Check Printing Software Product

What to Look for in a Check Printing Software Product

For many businesses, sending check payments is still an essential part of the accounting process. Whether it’s sending money to third-party vendors, mailing a bulk dispatch of checks to consumers, or meeting payroll requirements, a check printing software product can be a valuable tool for managing the logistical aspects of your business. However, it can sometimes be tricky to identify which business check printing and writing program is the best fit for your financial requirements. 

In this article, we’ll look at some of the key features of check printing software and help you identify what plans and products might be a good fit for your business. Regardless of your company’s operational size and scale, there’s sure to be a product that matches your budget and payment types. The right software provider for your business will offer a range of additional support, including address cleansing, individualized error reporting, and accessible customer support. 

Easy Same Day Payments

The less time your checks spend in the mail, the more secure your payments will be. Luckily, many check printing software products are backed by the expertise and experience of an outsourced printing and services provider. This support for your business means it’s easier than ever to get same-day payments out the door without the hassle of having to write the check yourself. Usually, you’ll need to place an order early in the day to ensure the checks and statements are sent on the same day, typically before 9 am.  

Printing Customizations

Before you ever print your first check, you should have a handful of options for customizing your company’s check stock. Proper branding for your checks, including all relevant logos, colors, and signatures, can go a long way in showcasing the professionalism of your company. While check branding and printing customization might seem like a basic feature, it’s one you won’t want to overlook.

Secure Payee Information Uploading

To order a payment through your business check printing and mailing platform, you’ll need to upload payee information with either a check printing API integration or a CSV file. You should be able to store all of this information online without worrying about security issues, so you’ll need to consider the software provider’s security policies carefully. 

Certifications in HIPAA, PCI compliance, SOC 1 Type 2, and SOC 2 Type 2 are reliable indicators of the provider company’s trustworthiness when it comes to handling personal information. With the payee’s information uploaded to your account, recurring payments become a straightforward process.    

Accessible Payment Tracking

With the right check printing software product, you can easily track the payments you have in progress, receive accurate delivery times, and get confirmation when your checks reach the payee. Certified mail delivery options can also be tracked through your check printing and mailing software. If there’s an error with your payment, you’ll know right away.

User Management and Permissions

Many business check printing and mailing software products make it easy to add multiple users and account profiles so that certain people will have access to the payments and data they need without compromising the security and privacy of your business as a whole. Permissions should be scalable for both departments and individual users and make it easier than ever to change payment details, passwords, and payee information, without having to contact an administrator or executive on your team.

Easy Repeat Payments

Chances are, the majority of your company’s check payments are made to the same individuals on a recurring basis. Whether that means payroll or vendor payments, your check printing and mailing software should make it easy to set up regular payments so that you can quickly order checks without the hassle of manually writing out the check and verifying that all the information is correct. Set up verified profiles for payees to whom you frequently send money, and you’ll increase both the security and efficiency of your check payments.

Address Cleansing and Error Notification

Address verification and cleansing services are often included by your check printing services provider and help to reduce the likelihood of an error in the mailing process. Each check you send has the payee’s address run through the USPS database to make sure that there are no discrepancies. 

You’ll receive a notification within the software or via text or email if further verification is needed. If there are any other issues or information that you need to know about the payments before they’re sent, such as a bank account verification, you’ll also get a notification, which helps to ensure your checks are mailed sooner rather than later.

Personalized Customer Support

Reliable customer support services are a must for any business check printing and mailing platform in case there’s an issue with your payment. You should always be able to reach out for the support you need for all manner of concerns, including resolving payment issues, verifying bank account information, and setting up an API key with your company’s existing management and CRM platforms. 

Analytics and Reporting

Check printing software companies can often provide your business with the data and analytics surrounding your check payments, so you’ll get a reliable, easy-to-read summary of what you’re sending. This information can help both your accounting and executive team make more informed business decisions, supporting the future growth of your company. 

Conclusion- What to Look for in a Check Printing Software Product

Check printing software is an affordable, accessible way to outsource your company’s payments and make them more efficient. Recurring payments and bulk dispatches are easier to complete than ever, while the security of your payments and payee information is significantly improved.