How To Make Money As A Teen? – Complete Guide 2022

Social media has given every shy person in their room a chance to become a digital entrepreneur. 

From making mobile case covers to arranging the entire candle decoration for a wedding, we are all exhaling. Gone were the days when getting a minimum wage job to at least arrange our monthly pocket money was all left for a teen. 

No waiting for highschool to get over, and getting late to our jobs because detention was longer than usual! 

Now, with the aid of social media teens can do anything anytime [keeping all the legal restrictions intact of course]. The best part is, nothing is forced and they are doing something they are passionate about. Therefore, something that is helping them to grow and prepare for the future. 

If you are searching for something similar then halt here, in this excerpt below I will be telling you the 5 best tips to make money from social media as a teen. 

1. Teen Money 

As a teen, are you planning to earn some bucks through your talent and help of social media? But, are you confused!

Don’t worry we all are something. 

Simply keep reading! 

If you don’t wish to venture into the sea of digital marketing and are simply trying to make some quick bucks, we have that covered as well. 

2. Teaching 

Yes, I know it is an article for teens! 

However, contrary to popular beliefs, some high school kids exhale in their academics. Not just that, they are either asked by their fellow classmates or by someone junior in their school or neighbourhood to share their notes or simply make them understand something. 

There is no shame in monetizing your knowledge. The entire world does it. 

Okay, I am not asking you to start charging money for every math sum you explain to your fellow classmate. That would be ridiculous! 

However, you can always start charging hourly after school hours. Advertising over your school or best, over social media can really help you get that word out. The advantage is you are also learning while teaching so it is a win-win situation. 

If we are getting a little astray from convention , you can always be a videogame coach. Now wouldn’t that be fun? Getting paid for playing games, who knew! 

3. Starting A Podcast

This can sound a little intimidating but trust me it’s not. Mostly because there is no extra capital that will be needed. 

Simply a closet, and a microphone! Two, or maybe three if all your bffs decide to do it. 

Yes, it will take a little time to grow and you might have to learn some digital marketing tools to advertise it. But, your school is the first place you can start spreading the word around. This is for all the extroverted souls who are getting bored because of the deathly monotony of this pandemic. 

Choose a subject near and dear to your heart and start recording! 

4. Online Thrift Store 

Yes, the packaging is a problem. However, you don’t have to worry about budgeting at this second. 

How? Well, you can always start from your neighbourhood. All you need is to click some aesthetic pictures, make an Instagram board, and create your first ever website. If your old stuff starts selling, just cruise around to deliver them.

This will help you gain trust with your first customer base before you think about going for shipping and proper packaging budgeting. 

However, teens, you should be a little careful, since crime against teens is increasing. Make sure when you deliver you always have an adult escorting you unless you are selling it to your school mates. 

5. Affiliate Marketing 

This can help you make a quick buck but at the same time help you learn some important skills if ever in future you decide to open a business of your own. If you have good grip on social media platforms then there are groups which will allow you to promote their product or. 

You will have to join a few networks to get to the right network. Now, once your promotion gets the company sales you get a part of that revenue. This can be a time consuming process but with the right enhancement of skill, and patience you can start earning a good amount of money.

6. Taking Surveys 

Sometimes all you want is to get some quick money for those pairs of shoes, or simply want that game then you can take some online surveys. 

Final Touches 

It is not super easy to make money, you should know that some of these will take some courage, and at the same time some leadership and budgeting skills. 

However, at the end of the day remember to have fun. The options are endless!