How to promote your freelancing business?

A freelancing business may sound like a dream come true. The idea of being your own boss might seem extremely rewarding. However, it does not come without its own pitfalls. You need to put in double the work to ensure that your freelancing business becomes a success.

If you’re a first-time freelance business owner, marketing your business might appear to be a daunting task. The list compiled here will help walk you through the different affordable techniques, you can apply to market yourself and your business.

1. Ask for referrals

Referrals are a great way to get positive feedback from your past and present clients. If you have done a good job on a project, you can ask your client to refer other clients to you. This will help you build your brand and get more customers at the same time.

2. Set up a website or blog

You can also set up a website or blog. This can be used as an outlet for you to interact with your clients and market your services. For this, you can take help of various things like publishing ebooks, videos, and articles. Besides, if you want to make your videos compatible with more devices, then you can try using an Online Video Converter to convert MTS to MP4 online.

3. Build Client relationships

Even if you are the definition of introvert, try to stay in touch and build a relationship with your existing or past clients. Every time you have a new product or service, be sure to contact your clients to inform them about it. This will, in turn, help you get a future referral or the clients might come back to hire you for these services as well.

4. Send a cold mail

A lot of times, you might end up getting a project just because you spend the time and effort to send cold emails to potential clients. As a freelancer, you will have to send anywhere between 30 to 50 cold emails to potential clients. You need to, however, be prepared to understand that you will not get a reply to all these emails. Also, you need to judiciously follow up on the emails to ensure that you get a response.

5. Build a network

You know how they say Rome wasn’t built in a day! Adding on to that,  Rome wasn’t also built by one person all by himself either. As a freelancer, you need to work on building a network of peers, mentors, and enthusiasts within the industry you belong to. You can join various events conducted within the industry or social media accounts and forums to be an active part of these discussions.

6. Improve social media activities and presence

You also need to ensure that you actively participate and interact with your followers. If you interact with your followers frequently and help answer their queries, they will connect with you better. Moreover, you can even use content categories like videos and posts to increase activity. If you want to post videos that are compatible with various devices, then use tools like the Online Video Converter. They can help you convert MTS to MP4 online easily.

7. Word of mouth advertising

This is a tried and tested method to market your services as a freelancer. Spread the word to your family and friends and see where it take you. Most freelancers get new projects based on word of mouth advertising.

Since now you know how to take your freelancing business to the next level, get moving with it soon!