Main Tools for a Freelance Writer

Freelancing is now big business and more people are moving from full-time employment to work as freelancers. A McKinsey report estimated 160 million global freelancers in 2016.  Freelance writing jobs are among the most popular in this industry. Millions of people now utilize their skills to produce content for a diverse range of clients across the globe. A 2018 Forbes Report indicates 56.7 million Americans work in the industry with many holding freelance writing jobs.

There’s no denying that freelance writing offers limited opportunities but there are challenges that come with the territory. Luckily, there are tools you can use to improve the quality of your work and consistently deliver content on time.

These tools help in different aspects of your job including writing, editing and proofreading time management, research, focusing, organization, Improve productivity, tracking work time and much more. This article explores some of the most crucial tools a freelance writer should be using. Take a look:

  1. Gmail: Communication is critical in freelancing and you cannot find a better tool to use for this than Gmail. It is free and you get a large storage space for your files.
  2. Google Drive: This application helps you stay organized by storing all your documents, sheets, and more in one web-based location. You can share and access these files from any location.
  3. Evernote: This is another organization tool to put your ideas together and avoid losing any critical research materials.
  4. Skype: To communicate with clients from across the world, you should consider using Skype. It gives your communication a personal touch and ensures better outcomes for your writing projects.
  5. Dropbox: Storing and sharing files when working on writing projects is not easy but with Dropbox, you have an excellent place to organize files by category. Sharing folders with clients and other writers is also made easy using this application.
  6. Trello: This is a critical time management tool every freelance writer should start using. It helps in collaboration between you and other writers and the client.
  7. NowDoThis: Many freelancers handle multiple tasks at the same time and this affects their output. With NowDoThis app, you can eliminate distractions and work on one task on the to-do list before moving to the next. 
  8. Dragon Dictation: If you have an idea forming in your mind, you can put it on your laptop using this app and ensure it doesn’t get lost. This speech-to-text editor improves productivity by saving you time.
  9. Freedom: This app blocks unnecessary applications and internet connection on your computer to guarantee you focus on a single task at a time.
  10. Grammarly: This is a must-have tool for every freelance writer. This editing app saves you a lot of trouble by identifying grammatical mistakes and other awkward structures on your paper. It can improve your reputation as a writer by ensuring the content you deliver is topnotch.
  11. Hemingway App: This is an app that helps you edit your work and make it ready for the web. From identifying passive voice and other grammar mistakes, there’s a lot a writer can do with this editing app.

Worth mention in the list of top freelance writing tools is Canva (image editing), Ahrefs Site Explorer (SEO content) and Headline Analyzer (headline’s score) among others. Writing services such as AssignmentGeek also come in handy for freelance writers looking for resources and jobs.