Top Tips for Moving Your Home Office

If you are a freelancer or run your business remotely, you will know the extreme difficulties of trying to move your home office to a new location, and how much this can impact your business for the duration of the move. Here are some top tips for those who are trying to move their home office with minimal disruption to their work

Hire a Transport Service

One of the easiest ways to transport all of your equipment and office furniture from your old home office to your new one is to hire a transport service which can ensure that all of your furniture gets to its destination in one piece. If you are looking for a furniture shipping service, you should head to Shiply, where you can easily get matched with a freight service that can make moving all of your furniture a little bit easier. 

Take a Vacation Day

Rather than allowing your move to impact the quality of your work or the way that you run your business, you should instead take one or two vacation days while you get settled in your new office. This will ensure that you are not disturbed and will give you the chance to get everything in order before you go back to work. This can prevent you from becoming stressed and will enable you to stay organized even when you are surrounded by packed boxes. 

Move and Unpack the Essentials First

Often, it can be easy to simply start unpacking all of your furniture at random. However, by taking a more organized approach to this, and only unpacking the items that you most need first, you will find that you can start back at work much quicker and that you will not have to spend the majority of your working time rummaging through boxes, desperately looking for the equipment that you need. 

Tell Your Customers 

It is also vital that you tell all of your customers that you are moving your office if it is going to disrupt your work patterns. You could even set an automated reply on your emails to say that you are out of office or only checking your emails sporadically for a time. This will then enable you to discuss new deadlines with them, and can assure them that you are still working on their projects and are prioritizing them. This will also ensure that they do not worry if they cannot get hold of you for a short period during the move

Secure Your Possessions 

It is no good moving only to find that all of your expensive gadgets and equipment have been broken. Therefore, you should make sure that you pack these well and that they are protected when they are in the moving van. This will then ensure that they do not get smashed or broken along the way and will ensure that you do not have to spend the first few days in your new home office trying to repair or replace all of your equipment.