Top 8 Ways to Make Money With Your Technology Blog

Blogging may be a rewarding hobby and a wonderful opportunity to convey your enthusiasm for a certain topic. But let’s be clear it may also be a successful side business or full-time job. Blogging takes a lot of dedication and patience until you can earn a lot of money. As a result, if you want your blog to be a success, you must establish your site’s authority and cultivate a huge following by delivering superior content that can both educate and encourage your readers.

If you already have your blog, though, you are the proprietor. It’s like purchasing a piece of real estate on the internet and constructing a home on it. In contrast to social media posts, which change every second, blogs stay visible for extended periods.

As a result, I would always prioritize blogging. 

1. Affiliate marketing 

 Affiliate marketing is quickly becoming the finest method to make money online. Writers can earn commission by recommending things, which is an excellent method to make money online. In the future years, affiliate marketing will increase in importance, making now the ideal moment to master affiliate marketing.

So how do you obtain that unique link? Participate in a company’s affiliate program to do so like: 

  • Amazon: 

It’s quite easy to start with all this, but it’s also very profitable. It may not bring in the most money, but given Amazon’s worldwide fame, you can expect a respectable return on your investment. 

  • Commission Junction: 

It’s also a fantastic affiliate marketing company, with numerous different brands from various industries represented. Avantlink, Pepperjam, and Awin are other similar sites to check out. 

  • Skimlinks: 

Users could go with it if they don’t want to get too technical or if they’re new to blogging. They will send you a code to put on your site, which will automatically change any link you put on your blog into an affiliate program. There’s also a Chrome extension included. Property dealer apply bloggy` ng to explain property details. 

2. Premium Membership: 

If you believe you are an expert and can provide premium content to your readers, you can charge a price for premium membership. You can share exclusive information with your paid users, and if they enjoy it, they will continue to pay for the paid content. Once you’ve established your brand and earned money, you can pursue motivational speaking opportunities as an ambassador. 

  • Premium membership content 
  • Forums for members only 
  • Business directory with a fee 
  • Organize paid webinars 
  • Dropshipping store newsletter 
  • Please accept donations. 

3. Product Placement: 

You must take some significant actions if you want to maximize your blogging income. You must create your product or service to offer it on your technology blog. The most important thing is to have a good or service that your readers want, which is why you should think about it thoroughly. Product placement can help you as a blogger, just like it does in film and television. When a brand contacts you to showcase their products or services in your blog’s content, this is known as product placement. Have a look at this example: Have you ever seen Coca-Cola and KFC in a combat scene involving Superman and Captain Zod in the 1980 film Superman? These brand names were not included in the film by accident. 

4. Ad Networks: 

Anyone recalls Google Adsense whenever it comes to display ads, but there are now many alternative options. People who view and click on display ads, so a technical blog with a lot of traffic can make lots of money through them. Some bloggers now work directly with businesses to develop display adverts for them. For such display television ads, most bloggers choose to deal with ad network firms that are best suited to both parties. You can make money by using Google Adsense, Adthrive, Mediavine, Ezoic. Property dealer use these networks. Simply select the network you want, but keep in mind the number of page views and the benefits and drawbacks of each one. 

5. Article Sponsorship: 

If you don’t want to put advertising on your site, I’ll tell you about another way to make money from your blog. Although many readers use tracking cookies or are outraged by them, likely, you don’t want to irritate your readers with adverts. Sponsorship articles, blog entries, and reviews are all options. These materials were created with a specific purpose in mind as a result of collaboration between you and a firm whose items and/or services you can discuss or promote in your articles. In exchange, they can afford to pay you well. 

6. Brand Sponsorship: 

A brand sponsorship arrangement includes publishing a specific piece of content to promote a company’s goods or writing a comprehensive review. Winning brand sponsorship follows a similar path to winning article sponsorship. Use a product/service to generate a bigger idea and an organic piece you can confidently discuss and suggest to your viewers. 

7. Services: 

You have a blog as well as regularly publish high-quality content on your website in a specific niche. This indicates that you get a certain amount of knowledge about the subject. Why not make money by giving your abilities as a service? You can offer freelancing, marketing, website or app development, and other services based on your talents. The best part is that it does not necessitate any investment all you need is a laptop and access to the internet. 

8. Consulting: 

Consulting is another wonderful way to monetize your blog, and it’s something that a lot of people are thinking about these days. To begin, you can blog regularly about your area of expertise and niche. When you consistently publish high-quality, valuation blogs on a topic, you position yourself as an expert in your viewer’s eyes. You’ll be seen as an authority figure, and your audience will begin to take your brand seriously. Create a page on the company blog to start offering paid consultation. It should include important information as well as a form that your audience can fill out to request a consultation call with you.