Work from Home or in Office? Top Tips to Plan Your Week

Working from home has never been easier especially with constant social media and so many distractions hovering around. It can be a real challenge to work from home even with a remote work tool in spite of you doing so for quite a while now. 

However, there are a few ways to help you not just be focused but even more productive at home than you possibly be at office. These are guaranteed work home tips, tried and tested, to maximally utilize your work hours using a remote work tool just as you would at the workplace.  

Tip #1 – Set consistent daily routine 

Greet your family members, friends, colleagues, or simply unknown strangers, to bring about positivity, right as the day begins. Sip on your tea or coffee and then sit down at your desk. 

Focus on diverting your creative energy on being productive with a set of actions followed in the same orderly manner organizing your meals, sleep, and personal work in a set timeframe. Stay consistent with the schedule over time unless you develop habits.  

Tip #2 – Get dressed up professionally 

Get yourself all dressed up in a professional attire, so even though you may not be leaving your house, you do not develop a casual attitude towards work. It isn’t required to be all dressed up in a suit, but at least have something a little more than pajamas. 

This would definitely be helpful with video calls, meetings, discussions taking place in a remote working without worrying about changing the attire again and again. Furthermore, it would constantly remind you of being at work in spite of being at home. 

Tip #3 – Find yourself a dedicated peaceful corner 

One of the best ways to help your mind feel like you’re actually doing important work is to simply dedicate a place in your house for you that’s extremely at peace. It just requires setting up a work desk at a calm place, solely dedicated to your day-to-day work. 

If it has a door you can close, then even better. Ensure that there’s no people hanging around the corner, distracting you.  

Tip #4 – Take a break in between preset work tasks 

When the work is divided into modules using a remote work tool with ease, you can avoid work overload. Have the habit of taking breaks in between activities, whether be watching something, listening to music, following your passion, etc. 

Working at a stretch can result in piling up pressure and stress. Instead develop a system, wherein after every 25 minutes of work, take a break of 5 minutes. Do follow this system with utmost seriousness, so that at no point you have too many things piled up with too many unexpected breaks, or work at a stretch without breaks. 

Tip #5 – Keep in touch with coworkers available to communicate 

It has to be your general practice wherein you need to talk to your idle coworkers every now and then to share your physical and mental burden while even taking their help whenever required. With a constant connection you would never face the problem of subordinates responding late to you or vice versa. 

Having a continuous word with coworkers would also help you to be well aware of where the projects are heading and what the status is related to project stages. It would even imply how passionate you are about your work as well as well coordinated towards team work. 

Tip #6 – Plan systematically with a to-do list to achieve 

Just as an astronaut has a series of checks before going into space, examine the most mission critical tasks using a remote work tool that have to happen at the beginning of each day. To make things simpler, start with looking into emails and messages across messaging platforms. 

After having an overview of what needs to be done, communicate with team members and then review a daily to-do list. Ensure to go step by step as per your to-do list to avoid neglecting priorities. 

Tip #7 – Converse work time schedule to family and friends 

Communicate your plans with friends and family allowing your family and friends know what your work hours are. You can respond back to them during your 5-minute break at the end of every 25 minutes of work. 

If it’s truly an emergency then tell them they can call or message you on your phone twice. If anyone breaks the emergency rule then perhaps explain to them about your work hours division. 

Tip #8 – Get household chores backlog done during breaks 

Working at home is an awesome benefit when you have too many household chores to perform, which normally you would do after office hours when working in-house. The 5-minute breaks help getting rid of household chores one by one, so that once you are done with working hours of the day, you are not left with much to do other than just having a glance over your remote work tool. 

Household chores seem to be boring for many and performing them after office hours could be extremely tiresome. However, when the short breaks are utilized to do the same, there is almost nothing to do and you can straight away have your relaxation time after work. 

WFH is no more a diversion 

Working remotely is not much of a challenge really, when you follow the above tips. When you treat your personal space and personality like a professional, then surely following these tips would only result in you getting more productive especially with a robust remote work tool. 

Most still think professional setup to be a preferred option as it enhances an individual’s overall personality and behavior in given situations. But one shouldn’t forget that working from home does keep work-life balance in an orderly manner, and with a remote work tool you can achieve wonders.