3 Fantastic Services to Cut Your Small Business Travel Expenses

These 3 awesome services will help you cut down on your business travel expenses

Business travel expenses can eat a lot into your company’s budget, especially if it is a regular part of your business. This is especially true for small businesses, who are often focused on cutting down on their expenses, rather than increasing them.

However, the world, already globalized, is becoming much more focused on international business and trade. For that reason, in order to win the next big project to keep their business afloat or push it further down the road to success, small business owners or their employees have to travel.

While services such as Uber and Airbnb have helped to cut down on certain parts of business expenses, there are still many other ways to decrease travel expenses.

That’s why today we’ll look at three of the best services you can use today to help scale back your business travel expenses without cutting down on your travel.


This is a fantastic website service that helps to motivate your employees to take lower-priced or alternate travel conditions in order to get free gift cards in return.

Although it sounds like a bribe (which, really, it is similar to), it is actually an effective method of getting your employees into voluntarily and happily taking cost-cutting along with them on their travels.

In order to use it, you have to:

enter your travel details and quality of travel

view your preferences as well as the alternatives (that come with the gift cards)

choose to either travel with the preference or the cheaper alternatives

This will help your employees choose what’s best for the company, rather than what’s most comfortable for them.


This service looks at finding the best flight deals and accommodations across the globe. TravelPerk helps small business owners and others manage travel arrangements and do the budgeting for that. It allows businesses to see what the fair price is and see real-time data.

With increased knowledge of real-time data and more accurate budgeting, you’ll be able to make better choices on what travel options to choose. Thereby, you can help save your small business money to use on growing the main part of your business.


This is a particularly useful software to help cut costs on your travel expenses. Although this is not related to flights and accommodation, it is still a crucial service to have when traveling internationally.

Revolut allows business owners or their employees use the real exchange rate when using their cards internationally. This is instead of the rates provided by banks and other finance institutions that often tack on extra charges to the real exchange rate.

With Revolut you can also send and receive money instantly. Also, if there are any problems, it’s possible to block the card instantly, for example if your information is stolen.

Start cutting travel expenses today

Although these are only a few of the many ways to cut business expenses, cutting down on your business travel costs is a great place to start.

With these services you’ll be able to cut costs and help focus your money and energy into perfecting your product.