5 Daily Health Tips For Small Business Owners


Working as a small business owner or freelancer delivers many rewards. You have the opportunity to pursue the career of your choice, work when you wish, enjoy the satisfaction of profitable enterprise, and don’t have an overpowering boss telling you what to do! It is a lifestyle choice that has become increasingly popular and shows no signs of slowing.

But with all good things, there is a catch!

Owning and running your own business places a great deal of demand on your time and energy, so much so that you can often forget about your own personal well-being. This can have a negative impact on health, family and ultimately the business that you are working hard to make succeed.

So here are 5 daily health tips that will help you stay healthy and alert and in turn make your business a triumph!

Don’t Underestimate Sleep

Sleep is something that the entrepreneur can easily neglect. It is often tempting to work late into the evenings, check emails on your cell ‘just one last time’ and then mull over in bed what tomorrow will bring.

But sleeping well and for at least 7 hours can have a beneficial effect on your health and make you more productive!

Set yourself a reasonable bedtime, and stick to it!

The better you sleep, the earlier you can rise! Studies have shown that those people who get up early in the morning are more alert, show greater productivity and increased attention.

Plus if you are up early in the morning, you can start that work which you put off last night!

Drop the Coffee

For busy people, coffee is often the quick fix. However, whilst it may give you that short term kick, in the long-run it may be impacting your health and productivity.

Coffee can increase the chance of developing high blood pressure, cause headaches (as if you don’t have enough already!) and even consuming 6 hours before bedtime can cause insomnia!

So exchange your coffee for a more healthy option. Fruit infusions, green tea or even just plain water are good alternatives. It is still important to keep drinking, as dehydration as been shown to increase alertness and function.

Get Outside and Be Active

You probably don’t have time to make it to the gym on a regular basis. So instead make exercise part of your normal working day routine!

Depending on your level of fitness, run, cycle or walk to work. A smartwatch or fitness app on your cell can provide encouragement and is a great way to track your progress. Remember, exercise duration is important to maintain your body in a day.

Even just popping outside the office into the great outdoors has been shown to have a positive impact on mental health and well-being!

Every 30 minutes, get up from your chair and stretch! Back, forearm and neck muscles can all become stressed if you are sat at a desk all day, so give them a break!

As an entrepreneur you cannot afford to have time off, so stay active!

Eat Healthily

At lunchtime, take that well earned break with a nutritious and satisfying lunch. If you are pressed for time, it is very easy to take the easy option of grabbing a pre-packaged snack from the local supermarket. But that is not going to help your waistline.

Instead, bring a healthy packed lunch prepared at home!

The benefits are:

  • You can include your favorite foods and not what the supermarket has available
  • You can make a sensible-sized portion – not what the pre-packed food dictates
  • You can make it healthy
  • It will save you money!

Consider bringing in some fruits, rice or maybe a freshly prepared seasonal salad. If you feel peckish throughout the day, consider some freshly made popcorn. It’s low in calories and high in antioxidants!

Be Social

Switch off, forget work for a couple of hours and spend time with your family and friends. Being physically healthy means nothing if your mind isn’t healthy too!

Studies have shown that spending time with the ones you love has a positive impact on your mental health. Furthermore, being a business entrepreneur sometimes means that those close to you feel forgotten as you concentrate on your business dream.

So give them the love they deserve, and everyone benefits!


Running a small business is something to be proud of! It’s an achievement that comes with its own rewards. However, ensure that it is not just your business which is strong, but also you!

So follow these 5 daily health tips for small business owners and enjoy being on top!