Interesting Jobs to Help Build Your Career Path This Decade

Growing professionally in your career involves much more than a high-paying job. The key is to offer an excellent service to society and the country, whether in the public or private sector. If you want to expand your knowledge and work experience, below are the best careers to help you exploit your talent and build a career path.

According to a study by ManpowerGroup, transportation and warehousing, technology, healthcare, professional services, and construction will have the highest levels of growth for the next decade. Keep reading, and you will learn more about careers with a great job outlook, high salaries, and high-performing tasks.

The Top Best Jobs for the Coming Years

This is a detailed list of the best-paid career paths with high demand in the job market between 2022 and 2030. Take a look!

Software Developer

The growth of the tech industry will have the need to hire more software developers. These professionals will create the programs and applications that allow companies to offer users high-quality digital services. A large part of modern technological infrastructure would not be possible without software development.

In this job, you will be in charge of writing the necessary lines of code for devices or applications. For this career, it is essential to apply problem-solving skills. The main focal point of software skills consists of solving technical-operational problems of a company using programming languages. You will also automate tasks and improve human interaction with technology.

A software developer will typically need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. However, many employers nowadays are very open to the idea of non-traditional schooling, such as coding bootcamps. These intensive online programs teach you everything you need to know to be successful on the job. 

Information Technology Manager

Tech jobs will dominate a large part of the market and the global economy for years to come. All smart companies and organizations will need professionals to manage information systems, databases, and operational application networks.

As an information technology manager, your main responsibility is to keep a company’s computer systems running efficiently. As an IT administrator, you will be responsible for ensuring that the information remains accessible. Another key task is to assess your company’s technology needs. 

Occupational Therapist 

Combating work stress is a priority for American society. For that reason, we see an increase in the demand for occupational therapists, whose mission is to prevent their clients’ jobs from affecting their physical and mental health.

The occupational therapist is a professional who can help people with their daily activities and work functions. As OT, your job is to get your patients to manage strategies to combat and overcome barriers such as disease, physical, or mental disability.

Dental Hygienist 

Oral health care is an important issue that the American healthcare system will prioritize for years to come. Dental services require auxiliary and complementary professionals. In this way, we see the importance of the dental hygienist, whose demand in the job market will be very attractive for those seeking a successful career path.

A dental hygienist’s job is to evaluate a patient’s current oral care and review their health history. You will also need to teach the patient correct brushing techniques. Responsibilities include performing oral cancer screenings and removing plaque and stains from teeth. A dental hygienist also takes and develops x-rays.

How Will the Job Market Grow Until 2030?

According to Statista, this is how the job market in the United States will grow by industry with the generation of new jobs. Let’s check it out.

  • Healthcare and Social Assistance | 3,316 new jobs
  • Leisure and Hospitality | 3,239 new jobs
  • Construction | 3,150 new jobs
  • Professional and Business Services | 2,019 new jobs
  • Wholesale Trade | 1,410 new jobs
  • Financial Activities | 303 new jobs
  • Information | 282 new jobs


The economy and the job market will have sustainable growth over the next eight years, thanks to the success of technology and health professionals. These two areas could increase the levels of well-being in the population with more optimal, precise, and high-performance services.