5 Tips to Improve Security in Your Small Store

Running a small business entails a lot more than managing day to day operations, finances and dealing with customers. Owners or managers are often responsible for additional tasks and processes like logistics, maintenance and security. These are all fundamental to the performance and sustainability of a business operation. Security is crucial for the success of a business because it enhances the experience of customers and staff, whilst minimizing loses due to theft, damage and liabilities. As such, how can you improve security in your small store?  

Maintain clear lines of sight 

Ensuring that you or your staff have clear lines of visibility in the store is essential to reduce the risk of theft. Tall shelves and poorly lit shop floors can be ideal environments for shoplifters to operate, so ensure that your premise is well lit and open enough to maintain clear lines of sight. You can use convex mirrors to increase visibility around corners or isles if required.  

Use an entry alert 

Knowing when someone has entered your store is extremely important to identify possible threats. Acknowledging entrants or using an alert to signal new arrivals can have a significant impact on the confidence and success of shoplifters. Such a system can also alert staff to ensure they present themselves correctly or don’t get caught off guard by prospective customers. 

Limit access to valuable items 

Shoplifters will often target the more valuable items in your store, so limiting or preventing easy access to these is an effective way to reduce risk. For example, keeping spirits, alcohol and tobacco behind the till will make them more difficult to access unless served by an employee. If you want to maintain shopfloor access to certain popular products, ensure that you have clear lines of sight so they can’t be easily stolen. 

Implement effective safety procedures 

The importance of effective safety procedures can’t be overstated. Simple measures such as removing cash from premises overnight and setting building alarms can be very effective in reducing the risk of break-ins, damages and losses. It’s also imperative that all staff are aware of such procedures, so make this a key section of your training program. 

Invest in store surveillance 

Store surveillance systems can be expensive, but they help to deter shoplifters and may provide evidence if you are making an insurance claim. Again, ensure that any cameras have clear lines of sight and are inaccessible for non-employees to avoid tampering. You may want to install external cameras too, so you have better visibility around your premises. 

Security is very important for a small business because one incident can have a damning impact on the whole venture. Theft is a terrible but common part of society, so mitigating these risks will give you the best chance of avoiding it. Effective security measures can boost the productivity of staff, limit losses and create a safer environment for employees and customers – all of which can significantly boost your profitability and reputation.