Increase Sales on your Shopify Store with These Instagram Marketing Tips

With more than 1 billion active users, it has become important for businesses to diversify their marketing strategy using Instagram as their prominent marketing tool.  

Instagram has millions of audiences from across the globe, which allows businesses and brands to reach worldwide audiences effectively. Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram has a large number of millennials and Gen Z, making it a perfect platform to increase sales of their products and services for most businesses.  

You can also increase the sales of your Shopify store, by sharing and integrating Instagram posts for your Shopify store.  

So let’s start using Instagram posts to grow your Shopify store sales and revenue.  

Different Ways Use Instagram Posts To Grow Your Shopify Store Sales 

Following these methods to market your Shopify store on Instagram, you will most probably get some exceptional results for your business that will grow your sales and revenue rapidly. Use these methods to make a robust Instagram marketing strategy to expand your Shopify store sales exponentially.   

#1 Frequently Post On Instagram 

One of the most important factors to boost your Shopify store presence among your target audience is to keep up posting or sharing content on Instagram often. The more you promote your Shopify store on Instagram, the more people will likely know more about your Shopify store.  

As there is a lot of competition and so many businesses are selling similar products like your business, it is very easy to lose the grip of your customers. Thus, to keep your customers engaged with your Shopify store as well as grow the reach of your Shopify store, it is important to post on Instagram more frequently. 

#2 Share Informative & Interactive Post 

While creating the Instagram post for your Shopify Store, make sure that the content you create should be more informative, realistic, trustworthy, and interactive. People don’t like to hear praises of your brand or product, but they want to know how your product or service will benefit you in your life. You can create informative Instagram posts that describe your products and services more effectively without sounding too promotional. People like to hear real content compared to advertising or promotional content.  

#3 Run A Hashtag Campaign 

One of the best ways to grow the reach of your Shopify store is through running a hashtag campaign. Instagram audiences are more likely to engage with the hashtag campaign as they also get an opportunity to upload on Instagram unique & creative content.  

Depending on your business and customer category, you can design your Instagram hashtag campaign. Also, understand the trend popular among your target audience, it will boost your hashtag campaign with enormous participation and engagement. Launch a hashtag campaign to boost awareness of your Shopify store with millions of Instagram users.  

#4 Use Shoppable Instagram Feature 

Social commerce is the going trend among eCommerce businesses. Social commerce is a rapidly growing and adopting social media marketing strategy with businesses to enhance their sales and revenue directly through the social media channels.  

You can use Shoppable Instagram posts to tag your products or services you are selling through your Shopify store. Shoppable Instagram posts will increase your sales by directing your interested audience to your Shopify store.  

#5 Collect & Repost UGC Instagram Posts 

User-generated content is the most powerful content businesses ever to grow their reputable and trustworthy image among their customers. With creative features and functionalities on Instagram, it is easy for brand customers, fans, followers, and influencers to share their created content that speaks about the brand. You can easily find user-generated content on Instagram through hashtags campaigns, mentioned posts, tags, Instagram stories shared by your followers, and content created by the social media influencers talking about your business or relatable content merging in your marketing strategy.  

You can collect the user-generated content from Instagram and repost it on your Instagram business handle to build affinity with your Shopify store.  

#6 Embed Instagram Posts On Your Shopify Store 

It will be one of the best marketing strategies that you might adopt for your business. You might or might not have heard that you can display, embed or add Instagram feeds on Shopify websites, so do on your Shopify store.  

You can showcase the creative Instagram posts that feature your products or services or even embed the UGC Instagram posts to increase the authority and credibility of Shopify stores. Embedding Instagram posts on your Shopify Store increases the social proof factor and keeps your audience engaged with realistic, interactive, and real-life product images.  

Displaying Instagram posts on your Shopify store will increase audience engagement and give your customers a better understanding of the product or service you are offering. Not only this, but embedding Instagram posts will also increase the relationship between your customers and brand as they like that you care for your customers by displaying authentic content on your Shopify store.  

Wrapping Up! 

Here, in conclusion, we can say that each Instagram strategy is a perfect bang to grow your Shopify store business. But one of the most powerful, trending, and result-driven Instagram strategies is with embedding Instagram posts on your Shopify store. This will grow sales on your Shopify store immensely. So start using an Instagram Widget and embed the creatively designed Instagram posts on your Shopify store.