Best Apps for Small Business Users

Keeping a business productive and ever-moving requires a lot of effort. This concerns both large and organized businesses and smaller trades that have recently been just startups. 

As a business owner, you know what it takes to keep the whole mechanism going. Besides having to know much about starting your own business, you most certainly need high-quality tools for accounting, billing and task management, team communication, and productivity. Since the sphere of such products has expanded immensely, it is now more challenging to pick the best instruments for maintaining your business. 

That is why today’s guide will describe the best software that will definitely come in handy for every business owner and their team. 

Top 5 Business Boosting Apps for Usage in Different Spheres

Since every business incorporates a lot of aspects, including watching and distributing the financial resources, human resource management, productivity improvement, and so on, here we have tried to take one app for each field. We are sure they will significantly simplify your life and result in business. If you’re interested in more, read an experts’ word of advice about more business-running apps.

Disk Drill

Disk Drill is one of the most successful data recovery software in its range. The tool is produced by CleverFiles and is designed to backup all kinds of data on Mac and Windows devices. 

But why is it so popular? Now, in every business, data loss inevitably comes, and you suddenly realize that important documents, videos, audio, or photos are lost. For such situations that, by the way, are never easy to predict, Disk Drill exists. The feature-packed data recovery tool can get back files and even scan for the fragmented lost files, which makes it one of the best data recovery software. 

The nice feature is that a quick scan retains metadata in each file, so you just need to know its name to get it back. Disk Drill also works well on memory cards and connected iPhones.  


We promise you that if you are an admirer of all-in-one programs, Asana will exceed your expectations. The tool is created for smart work productivity and business project management helping the team stay fruitful and concentrated. You will be amazed how easy it is to set goals, deadlines and manage tasks of different types. Task-based communication with each team member is easily performed under every current task.

It also holds sufficient space for file storage (up to 100MB per single file) in the pay-free version.

Visualization is the cherry on top of this app: with an appealing calendar, it’s easier and more enjoyable to run tasks. Business and Premium plans offer more professional organization features and solutions for more scalable business teams. 


This is a powerful team communication app best fitting for starting and medium-size businesses. The app connects your team into chat rooms in a real-time mode so that you could instantly share relevant announcements or work discussions. Chatting face to face using a simple interface is priceless at Slack.

The great thing is that Slack is free and allows a lot of opportunities for social media integration. It runs on both iOS and Android devices. If you desire to add more features to your basic plan, there are two paid options: Standard plan at $6.67 a month and Plus at $12.50 a month. 


Are you still getting confused when it comes to managing finance? This sphere requires a meticulous attitude without the right for a mistake. That is why trusting your invoices, accounting, and payroll support to a tool like Wave will let you have all card and bank connections in one place, as well as rule multiple branches of business from different user accounts.  

The number of bank connections in this app is unrestricted, which is great news, especially considering that the tool is free. With Wave, you also get: 

  • Automatic expense and income tracking. 
  • Different reports including profit, loss, cash turnover, overdue bills, and invoices. 
  • Getting comprehensive data on taxing. 
  • Automatic invoice reminders. 
  • Synchronization of invoices and account info. 

As for paid functions of Wave, they cover: 

  • Connecting payments to each useräs bank account. 
  • Reviewing tax forms and pay stubs by the whole team. 
  • Auto filling in tax and payment forms. 
  • Receiving detailed info on breakdowns of payroll expenses. 


This tool is priceless if you aim to create your own eCommerce store. Shopify is a popular way for small businesses to develop their brand and get promoted. Even if you have no logo or online influence yet, here, you will get it all. Shopify also allows a smart way to remind your clients about their last visit by emailing those of them who leave their shopping carts. 

You will also find helpful offers for receiving payments in your shop either with the help of advanced hardware or software. 

This list could be continued even more to help you develop and organize your business. Still, these five apps for small business management are sufficient to build a good foundation and keep going.