Best temp agency in Los Angeles

Selecting a temporary employee involves a lot more than a last-minute call to get help or fill the gap. After all, this new employee is going to stay with you for some time and work on your important projects. Thus, you need the right person for the job from the right temp agency. So, before you go ahead with any temp agency and just about any employee handed over to you, give this a read. At the end of the day, there is no scope of getting it wrong when it comes to the productivity of your business in the highly competitive modern world.

Details of hiring temporary employees

Before knowing more about the temp agencies, it is important to understand the details of temp employment, which are given below.

How are temporary employees used

Typically, temporary employees help to address the usual fluctuations in the workflow of a company. To save money and keep the productivity going, companies tend to keep the staff levels low and rather use temps for handling the extra work. Some instances of this are hiring temporary staff for unexpected orders, large mailings, and time-bound projects.

Another major utility of temps is simply as a contingency worker to fill up the positions that are vacant for the time being. It helps the company to ensure that the permanent employees are not overworked. At the same time, it reduces the requirement of shuffling job responsibilities.

The third utility of temps is like the source of permanent staff. Businesses tend to frequently hire temporary staff for filling up new openings in the organization. When a person is pretty good at their job, the organization makes arrangements with temp services to hire people on a permanent basis.

Different types of temp positions

Temporary work responsibilities have broadened ever since the inception of it to include a wider range of industries and fields. Office and clerical positions keep on being the biggest segment of all temporary jobs, including nearly forty percent of all temp positions. Usually, such positions include cashiers, data entry clerks, word processing operators, typists, receptionists, filing clerks, general office clerks, and administrative assistants.

Then, the second largest group, having a third of all the placements, are the ones involved in industrial work like assembly line responsibilities and receiving/shipping.

The final category, which has almost fifteen percent of the placements, includes the technical staff like engineers, analysts, or computer programmers, and professional staff in the sales and marketing, management, legal, and accounting areas. It is one of the fastest growing groups, with particularly trained temporary employees becoming a crucial resource for most companies.

Time limit for temporary employment

There is no specific time limit for temporary employment, though the company mentions it beforehand to the temp agency. The company will mention the temp agency whether it needs new employees for three months, six months, or a year. The temporary staff will be hired and paid for that limited period of time.

However, the company can talk to the temp agency once more if it wants to renew the employment period of all or some employees hired temporarily.

Differences between temp firms

Now, most temp agencies tend to use word of mouth, job fairs, and newspaper advertisements to hire candidates. The national firms might attract a higher number of suitable candidates because of the brand name. However, local, large firms also tend to be equally renowned in the region.

But there are several major differences in the way agencies screen employees before hiring. Many agencies use computer tests for candidate evaluation, while others add to this using personal interviews or psychological evaluations to choose temps for the correct roles. If the company requires a temp with certain specific skills, these computer matches tend to be adequate. However, personal interviews are better at ensuring that the staff suits your needs better.

Pricing details

Generally, temp agencies charge a specific percentage that is higher than the hourly expenses of an employee. For the basic jobs, it can lead to the total charges of over nine dollars per hour. On the other hand, skilled temps are expensive. Professional or technical temps tend to cost more than twenty dollars per hour.

The top temp agency Los Angeles will offer a good discount off the published rates. However, if the company plans to infrequently use temp services, it’s generally worth running negotiations on the rates upfront to bring down the overall costs.

Tips to deal with a temp agency

  • When the temp agency does not offer the company good discounts for temps, it is necessary to negotiate the rates for particular types of jobs and workers like the ones with low skill levels.
  • Additionally, when temps are hired for a particular long-term project, the company can offer training minus paying the charges for that time.
  • The company can ask about the guarantees from the services for the employees they send. Any reputable service guarantees satisfaction, while waiving the fees for the ones not working out.
  • In terms of security concerns, it’s necessary to ask if the temp agency covers the destruction of property or theft by the temporary employees.
  • The company also needs to ask about the price of hiring a temp for permanent positions. It has to be done ahead of time to mitigate excess costs later.

Hiring the best temp agency in LA

Remember that your temp employees will only be as good as the agency you hire them from. After all, the first checks and evaluations are ran by that temp agency. So, you want an agency you can trust, and one of your best bets in this regard is Adia.

When you want to hire without a headache and choose the right people for the right job without any future hassles, Adia is the name to trust. The company has ten times the worker pool of any conventional staffing agency. So, you can be assured that you will find the right person for the right job.