How Technology Has Changed The Way Businesses Do Their Recruitment

How Technology Has Changed The Way Businesses Do Their Recruitment

Technology has changed the world tremendously and has hugely impacted our lives. Not a day passes by when technology doesn’t intervene in our day-to-day life. It has come and settled in, that too for good. Along with everything else that technology has made itself a part of, it has also crawled its way through the business industry and its departments in the form of automation processes and many others. One such sector includes recruitment, in which automation has changed tremendously.

Back in the day, the trend was to hand out physical resumes to companies whom you wanted to interview. Now, all thanks to digital advancements and their gifts to us, applications like, Indeed, etc., are doing this job for us, that too for free. Hi-tech and its improvements have made it easier for recruiters to find the best candidate out of an entire sea of them and improve the hiring process a great deal.

The way companies do their hiring might be the same, but the use of technology has sure made it less of a sweat breaker for them. Indeed this technological transformation is true, as factoHR reveals that 85% of the top talent management applications comprise recruitment tools.

Key Aspects Of Recruitment Transformation

Given below are some of the ways how technology has changed the dynamic of how the hiring committee of a business organization works-

Makes Talent Acquisition Easy

Before, when high-tech hadn’t developed so much, organizations used to have limited talent options because of an impossible to acquire geographical reach and several other factors. Because of the same, even if there was a pool of talent available, they had to settle for whichever one was available. Now, though, it has become much easier for HR personnel to expand their reach, all thanks to technology and those who manage coworking space. They can quickly look for job-seekers on online platforms like, Indeed, LinkedIn, etc, irrelevant to their geographical limitations. These websites allow them to filter candidates based on their skills and expectations and also save a few of their files for future reference while coworking spaces enable an advanced and connected working environment for the hired candidates. Thus, their hiring process is eased and enhanced.


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Reduces Biases

Humans are the sole cause of biases in an organization. Even when they don’t know it, humans make a lot of partial decisions which are sided towards the benefit of their favorite employee or candidate, which is one of the causes for about 50% of recruitment efforts becoming a failure. This has severe repercussions and can affect the company in several ways, like loss of great talent, which leads to a reduction in their performances and thus brings lower returns. However, if they have automated means like ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and other tools, businesses can not involve humans in the hiring process and recruit candidates keeping in mind the statutory compliance rules and laws set by the government regarding hiring people. Adapting to digitalization will help them form better and more accurate decisions and find them the best hire of them all.

Makes Skill Evaluation Easy

A candidate can blow his trumpet all he wants to when it comes to answering questions in an interview, but many fail miserably and become a permanent bane to the enterprise when it comes to making use of those talents and skills in real life. This leads to a big challenge for the recruiting team to assess the candidate’s skills.


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With the help of technology, organizations can save themselves from the horror of choosing the wrong job-seeker. They can organize assessment exams based on the skills hirees have mentioned in their resumes with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which aids them in filtering the best exam for each candidate based on their talents and the data it has with it. This makes it easy for companies to figure out if they are a good match for the post or not.

Makes Room For Innovation

Finding and hiring the right worker that fits best to the job post open in your company can be a real sweat-breaker. But, if you have automated tools at hand, the process becomes more uncomplicated and accessible than ever. Through technology, you can stay ahead of your rivals and find the perfect job-seeker for your organization before them. The majority of hires these days are millennials, and they all prefer virtual means to stay alert regarding everything. This gives you a window to connect with them and know them, which will help you make an informed decision regarding whether to recruit them or not.

To End Things

Searching for the right candidate and making them a part of your team is much more vast than just limiting itself to recruitment, and automation is here to help make this extended term better and easier for you. It makes hiring beneficial for both hirers and hirees since it provides a pool of talent to the former and allows immense opportunities to choose from to the latter.