11 Effective YouTube Video Distribution Ways For Best Video Marketing


Do you want to receive the maximum number of views and Return on the Investment (ROI) for your YouTube video? Then you need to give it the appropriate type of exposure and promotion. Here, in this article, we will discuss the 11 effective YouTube video distribution methods for your YouTube video. We have classified them into different sections:

  • Make use of the tools granted.
  • Expand the words.
  • Try to pop-up with creative ideas. 

Collaborate A Standard Call-To-Action

Every YouTube account is featured with the options of likes, comments, subscriptions that turn the most dynamic user-experience. Some signs show that YouTube users scale their videos online. Hence, your call-to-action needs to be motivating the audiences to subscribe to the YouTube channel, likes, or comments.

You would need to consider using annotations, prompting them to sign up or learn more by tapping the link into your website or channel. 

Make Use of Annotations

YouTube annotations are clickable links that are attached within the video. And YouTube’s annotations pull the audience into your website. To make a sufficient annotation, begin by checking that you are the owner of the YouTube account. 

After this, enter your website as a combiner website on Google Webmaster Tools and then complete the verification process to ensure you are the domain owner. 

Finally, enter the Video Manager section of your YouTube account. Then check for the Channel setting options and then click the Advanced Section. In this box, close to the Associated Website, include your website’s URL. After verifying, you could merge the link directly into the video and then change its text and format. 

Make a Comment on Blogs and Other Videos

The more excellent method to seek visitors’ attention to your YouTube channel is commenting on the audiences’ blogs and videos. Are you looking forward to boosting your channel’s video marketing using organic growth? You can get the best solution to encouraging your positive feedback by increasing YouTube comments like which will progressively increase your audience rate.

Here, the most blog calls for entering information within the two fields’ first names, and the second is email. 

Begin With Podcast

It looks like everyone has got a podcast these days, and the count of podcast listeners increases by 37.5% from 2017 to 2020. Moreover, beginning with podcasting can look impressive. Yeah! It’s a fact.

Does your channel already have videos? Then you are half-way down to work ideally on a YouTube podcast. You can also classify the audio off, viola, and instant podcast episodes. 

Podcasting will activate you to improve your following uniquely from that you have for your YouTube channel. Moreover, it also enables you to make enough content available for your present YouTube audiences and subscribers. 

Most of all, it benefits you to convert the audiences as subscribers of your channel. You can start a podcast on niches relevant to you or relevant for your YouTube channel.

Perform Contest

Today, the contest has several participants! If you can pop up with a contest idea that moves around your YouTube channel and provides a cool prize for the winner, you would surely grab a lot of attention for your channel. 

Ideas for the channel include having participants write a blog on your YouTube channel as the subject or share your video on one or several social media platforms.

Organize A Webinar

A webinar is an ideal method to give the details online and very famous too. You can make use of it to enhance the relationship with people close to understanding more about your industry, cater to the lessons, connect with your audiences, and then, of course, advertise your YouTube channel as well.

The advantage of YouTube is the same as those you will receive from a workshop. Always following a webinar and its course, you can connect with your audience to form Q&A sessions. Replies for engagement consists of Google+ comments, Facebook Comments, ChatRoll, TweetChat. 

Engage Through Email Marketing

By gathering email addresses, you could send email notifications for your viewers, fans, or to your audiences of new video updates. You can make a point to start with the newsletter that combines videos and updates from the last week or month. 

Email type of marketing like email outreach, taken to use a program like Aweber. Using one email sent to your audience could help you build thousands of YouTube views for your videos. 

Using Word-of-Mouth

What could be simpler than this? Express the word about your YouTube video by revealing it to everyone you know about it. Also, including how it or the channel is being titles. Perhaps, please provide a link by requesting them to watch the video and reach a step further by sharing the video on their social media profiles. 

On the other hand, it can be suggested by telling people they know about it. The larger group of people you share your YouTube video or the channel, the more your views start to gain. 

Note: The concept of word of mouth need not restrict to friends, families, acquaintances, or your colleagues. Try to attend the networking programs to get engaged with others, and thereby you can receive a chance to discuss your channel or video. 

Work with Adwords for Video Program

Are you willing to spend a reasonable budget on advertising your videos, then start to build up the video ads for your YouTube channel using Adwords for your video? These are the video advertisements’ precise duration that would be played before YouTube video loads. Some promotions have a chance of letting the audience select the skipping option after five seconds. 

Put Leading Traffic To More Use

When you estimate YouTube analytics, you need to identify the critical resources of traffic to your video. The sources might have a particular webpage or Twitter. If possible, you need to consider increasing your advertising efforts on these aspects. 

Develop Using Qualified Hashtags

A hashtag is an unleaded phrase of words pre designed with several signs or hash characters. Say, for example, you can change the group of words or a single word that comes after the searchable link. Meanwhile, once entering the specific hashtags you employed in their search box, they could find other tags on your post. 

There are some of the pointers to be reminded of concerning the hashtags:

  1. Initially, don’t use spaces. To classify between the different tags, make use of tags. It is an example of hashtags if you are making a cookery class: #cooking lessons.
  1. Numbers are also accepted, yet don’t use punctuation marks. Using symbol @symbol in front of a person’s Instagram handle means that you are posting directly by using their name, and the user will be notified to know of this byway.
  1. Also, be assured that your hashtags are the same. If you are using trending hashtags, then make sure that they are persistent for your video.