Tips to Grow Your E-commerce Business


In order to promote and grow the E-commerce Business, you need an effective strategy. But growing sales actually goes beyond wishing, you need a sound strategy to produce better results.

It is a kind of battle to win the conversation, it means you can do anything to acquire new customers and get them to spend more money and convert when they return.

As we all know that the key goal of the E-business is to increase online sales, either your business is small or on a high scale like Google the same level of effort and dedication required to boost sales through online channels.

Here are the tips and ideas to boost your business and taking it to next level of success.

Mobile friendly website: 

As per the last report, mobile users are now more than desktop users. It is also researched that more than 60% of consumers most likely leave if the site was not mobile-friendly.

To boost your sales you need to focus on a few things; make your checkout process simple, improve site searches, and optimize your mobile site. Further, you can compose your site more responsive but make sure the site loads quickly.

Work on Site Performance: 

Social media play a vital role in people’s lives, either you are looking for a restaurant or you are buying a new Smartphone, the first place people go to is online.

The feedback on your performance can break or boost your sale, such as the positive feedback from a satisfied customer can help to gain the trust of the new potential customer where on the other hand Negative reviews help to gain experience also providing vital information on the issue to address within your business.

Email Marketing:

As per research, it is an effective process to enhance your sales, for example, if the buyer abundant is a cart, an email can encourage him to revisit the site and complete the transaction.

According to research, 89% of marketers said that email is their key channel for lead generation.

Sending emails to cart abandoners is only made possible through automating your email marketing while manually sending emails is quite time-consuming.

It investigated that Auto emails get a 90% higher click than broadcast emails. Secondly, it is also noticed that conversion rates as high as 50 percent from the B2C marketers who used automatic email format.

Reward customer for their Loyalty: 

Rewards is another strategy to enhance your business, create loyalty programs for the customer because research says that getting new customer cost more than keeping existing ones.

In other words, the statistics said that the probability of selling to new customers is 5-20 % which is low compared to the chances of selling to existing customers at 60 -70 percent.

The loyalty programs must be in a form of reward points to encourage them for more purchase; also you can award them by providing discounts, coupons, free products, or free shipping.