Why Your Business Needs Social Media Automation?


Social Media Platforms have the largest number of active users which helps in shaping a newly formed brand and build relationships with their customers across far corners of the world.

Good social media presence is essential not only for established brands but also for extending your marketing capabilities. You have to augment your digital marketing strategies and, at the same time, keep your customers happy.

If you know how to use social media automation tools in this scenario, things will become much easier for you.

Automating social media services and analyzing the results derived from it helps marketers to save time and effort, which is spent on managing social media platforms. In this article, we will be discussing how these automation services help in boosting your business through its mechanized tools.

1. Time Management

Auto-posting is an important feature served by social media automation tools for scheduling future posts. It allows you to organize your content for future posting and grants you time for managing other aspects of your business. Tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite can be used to manage your blog posting patterns across social media platforms.


One of the most widely used social media automation tools to schedule your posts and monitor the statistics. Plan your contents in the calendar, create attractive and interesting posts, and schedule them for posting at any time of the day with Hootsuite


  • Hootsuite supports a variety of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.
  • In-built analytics to figure out the areas where your posts need improvement
  • Ability to interact with the customer in private and public
  • Advanced features such as sentiment analysis, social listening are also included
  • Can be used to search for influencers


Buffer is known for its ability to handle bulk schedule posting and deliver broad analytics. It is quite useful and an extensive tool for the growth of your business. You can analyze your campaigns, observe your performance and get insights to grow and enhance your venture.


  • Excellent analytics for growth of the business
  • Social media inbox and response handling
  • Suggests the best time for publishing your posts 
  • Ability to detect publishing of same content and to analyze them individually

2. Getting Known

Building a social media presence is another stepping stone for the succession of your business. Social media platforms play a big role in promoting business by driving in loads of visitors and increasing your daily traffic need. To highlight yourself amongst the digital crowd, you need to have a very strong insight into your daily analytics. Be data-driven, monitor the responses on your posts, keep a close eye on your competitors, and continue to aid your growth.

These apps will help you to build up a strong social media presence:


Iconosquare helps you to extend your social media presence by providing crucial analytics, letting you schedule posts for future uploads and compare your business with competitors. 


  • Manage multiple social profiles from one place
  • Schedule posting with user tagging and geolocation
  • Close monitoring of competitor’s business for easy comparison


This tool can be used for social media listening to get an idea about how the audience is reacting to your product or content. To make things easier, the tool helps in monitoring the most chattered brands and keywords used across various social media sites.


  • Real-time tracking of hashtags and keywords
  • Helps in identifying efficient influencers and active users
  • Ability to directly connect with user through the dashboard for further communication
  • Reports can be read and shared easily among clients

3. Engagement 

Get in touch in every possible way you can to maximize your reach to your audience. Never miss a conversation on social media and try to stay updated when someone mentions your brand. In this way you can easily figure out whether your business strategy is performing well or does it need some polishing before hitting the digital platforms.

These apps will help you to monitor your audience’s activities.


Listen to people who’re talking about you on social media and get in touch with them on the go. The tool also lets you connect your multiple social media accounts and manage it from one place. Custom reports will help you to analyze sentiment and monitor competitor’s movement.


  • React and start conversation on the go
  • Supports social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Find efficient influencers by their scores

4. Stay Updated

To stay on top of the game, you must always be aware of what’s happening in your surroundings. When a new topic is being published, a news is trending for over a week, or the most used keyword on social media, all these facts can be very helpful to plan your marketing strategy. You can use Buzzsumo to track viral contents and make things easier for you.


Buzzsumo lets you discover the trending topics and popular social media posts relating to your content and domain. All you need to do is enter a keyword and the relevant results will be displayed. It also provides an insight into the growth and decline curve of the post.


  • Easy to search by only using a keyword
  • In-depth report to analyze your marketing strategy
  • Real time tracking of comments which allows you to response rapidly
  • Look for influences, forge new relations and expand your community

5. Being Responsive

People tend to revisit websites that solve their queries and satisfy their needs. In order to make the audience believe that they are always being taken care of, try answering them the very moment an objection is raised. You can set up chatbots on your social media channels which will generate automated messages. No matter in which time zone you are, the bot will interact with their prospects and customers and if needed, will notify you further for the need of real-time chat. 

List of services which can be used to generate automated response:

6. Advertisement Automation

Advertising on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can prove to be valuable as there are already brands which exist and are easy to communicate with based on their enthusiasm. It is important to organize your ad automation tool in the right way and execute at the right time to acquire maximum attention.

You can use Hootsuite’s ad optimization tool for this purpose.

Hootsuite Ad Optimization Tool

This tool allows you to manage all your advertisement under one roof. It provides real-time insights and analytics to understand the audience and tweak the ads accordingly. 


  • Easy to set up external ad campaigns
  • Real-time feedbacks 
  • Automatic ad performance improvement
  • Monthly tactical and strategic reviews from experts

7. Maintain Consistency 

Once you have set up all your automation processes and see your business run well, now it is the time to hold and carry on with this stage. Keep boosting your online presence, generate new ideas for marketing campaigns, create new and unique content, and limit auto-posting for daily to weekly basis. These automation services will help you to carry on with your business once you have reached a sustainable position. 


SocialPilot lets you bring together all your social media profiles and manage it under one roof. It is also a good platform to create a team and work on marketing campaigns. Its capability to support 200 social media accounts and manage the sharing of 500 posts makes it one of the most efficient automation tools. 


  • Mass planner to schedule your content
  • Browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and app support for Android and iOS
  • Find the most trending content schedule them to your account
  • Social inbox to expand your contacts
  • Download and share appealing data reports in the form of PDF

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an extensive platform built to suit every type of business and social media platforms ranging from small to big. It provides a variety of services such as social advertising, social listening,  community building, engagement monitoring, campaign creation and management, decision making for social projects, and the like.


  • Social inbox
  • Real-time brand monitoring
  • Monitor business review across all social platforms
  • Track activity on your paid posts on Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Automated response in Helpdesk
  • Tag reporting in message and comments
  • On the go management
  • Instagram competitor report
  • Listener insights 


Social media automation makes it so much easier to develop any type of business ranging from small to big ones. It is more important to develop a social presence first before adopting any of the automation services. A strong social image combined with the right automation tool will definitely help you to enhance your Business.