The Top 3 Social Media Platforms You Should Be Using

Let's look at the 3 most important social media platforms for your business

Social media platforms can be both a benefit and a disadvantage. The benefit comes from the amazing potential that social media has to increase customer and potential customer engagement, as well as expand your business in many ways.

The disadvantage comes from having to spend so much time first figuring out how to use it and then using it properly.

For this reason, it’s important to decide exactly which platforms are most important for your business (because not being on social media is not an option).

So today we’ll look at the three most important platforms you should get on today.

#1 Facebook

Well, this probably goes without having to say much. However, it is important to reflect on the crucial parts of this platform.

Facebook is essentially the first big social media network and it inspired all the other ones to follow.

It is very important for all businesses to have a Facebook profile, as most consumers will head there first to find out about your brand.

It is therefore important to list the necessary details about your business, such as location, working hours, type of business etc.

It is also recommended to focus on promoting your content on your brand page and engaging whole-heartedly with everyone who makes contact with you.

#2 Instagram

This one has come a long way since being used solely for photo filters. It is one of the most popular and perhaps trendiest of all the social media platforms.

Instagram has a lot of young and diverse fans, and it is a great social media platform for business who have these kinds of audiences.

The image-sharing social network is particularly recommended if your business is connected to fashion, food, music, and other pop culture aspects.

It is generally recommended to present a more honest face on Instagram (rather than a polished one on Facebook). Make sure you show behind-the-scenes images, such as your colleagues working, what it takes to make a product, etc.

Your followers will love it.

#3 Pinterest

The last of the most important social media platforms is Pinterest, the visual content-sharing social network.

However, Pinterest is actually not that much into the social part. In fact, although there is an option to leave comments and engage on pins, most Pinterest users don’t do that.

Instead, they are more motivated to come and find great content, products or services.

This means that these users are already motivated and closer to buying than your regular Facebook or Instagram users. Those users are more interested in the social aspect of social media and might balk at marketing or business-y methods.

The Pinterest users tend to be more female and have a higher annual salary than the other two social media platforms listed here.

The best social media platforms

These three are honestly the best social media platforms to get started on.

If you are swamped for time, you should start with Facebook, or Facebook and one more. Either way, you need to get on the most popular one first and then bridge out.

Good luck!