4 Email Marketing Hacks for eCommerce Marketing Managers

Gone are those days of click-bait subject lines and snazzy welcome email formats, for now, is the time for some major upheavals in how you fit email marketing into the all-around marketing. The reason catchy subject lines and attractive welcome email formats are slowly becoming outdated is that they have been inundating the inboxes of the readers for quite some time now. Studies reveal that it is more likely that they will be prompted to click on ‘Delete’ without even opening your emails, defeating the entire purpose of painstakingly curating content from all over the Internet.

Whereas the need to have an engaging subject line is undeniable, you need to have some add-ons to that as well if you want to stay abreast of the latest trends in email marketing. These four hacks will help you form a better marketing strategy through email marketing and generate much more positive leads in your favour.

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand what your readers will find attractive. All you have to do is design an email marketing strategy smart enough to cater to the very specific needs of the readers. Similarly, your content needs to be highly relatable to your target audience so that you do not end up in the Junk (or worse still, Spam) folder. Gear up for these four email marketing hacks that are sure to make you the talk of the town right away!

Make your readers laugh

This never gets old. No matter how many new hacks come and go, this classic never fails to hit the bull’s eye. People always appreciate content that makes them laugh, so if you have a funny story to share, why not put in an email and package it nicely, so it makes someone’s day?

The power of humour and wit reigns supreme over any other form of catchy content, and these days it is the quirkier, the better. Create a blog post by collating the funniest tweets about your industry and send the link of the blog post through an email to your subscribers. That is one of the millions of ways that you can put good ol’ humour to great use. Here are some more ideas.

  • Got a bunch of memes about entrepreneur struggles? Put them in an email! People love laughing at emails and appreciate content they can relate to.
  • Add fun designs to your email style sheet. You can design them in keeping with the trending topics of your industry. For example, you can share a blog about the 12 reasons why women need more pockets in their dresses and their daily struggles sans them. This will work brilliantly in your favour in case you are launching women’s dresses with pockets shortly.

The idea is to keep them in the loop of things and adding a healthy dose of humour is how you approach them. Once you get personal with them, it will become increasingly harder for them to ignore your emails and simply move them to the Trash folder.

Give your receipts a classy twist

You simply cannot go wrong with this one. No one wants to open drab receipt emails, so you have a world of options to explore. From the design to copy, there is a lot of scope to play around with this one.

What you can do to leverage this situation and put it to use for your advantage is to get together your design team and instruct them on the new ways that they should be designing the receipts from now on. Here are a few tips on how to bring in a new twist to your receipt emails.

  • Go for clean and smart designs. Convey the important information in an attractive way and push a bit further with your copy too.
  • Try including more than just the order details in your receipt emails. You can put in an order tracking system embedded within the receipts or something similar to that.
  • Make sure you figure in the significance of referrals in email marketing as well. Design your receipt emails with a unique referral code that is spread around like crazy when your customers share them with their friends.

Buttons all the way

Did you say “landing page?” Well, yeah, buttons work wonders for landing pages but introducing them in your emails has benefits more than one. People love pressing buttons on the web, so why not introduce interactive buttons in your emails?

You can put that to your advantage and introduce buttons for something funny or quirky. This will help you engage more readers while grabbing their attention the right and relatable way. The universality of buttons on the Internet will thus work like magic for your email marketing strategy too, and here are a few quick tips as to how your buttons should ideally look for drawing more attention.

  • Make your buttons a bright colour (definitely single-coloured, but not grey or brown)
  • Make use of contrast and put in a 3D effect to make it realistic.
  • Make your button answer the question of what the reader might want to ask (for example, if it’s a long email, then introduce a button after a few paragraphs by clicking which, the readers can unlock the rest of the email)
  • Make sure there is white space around the button, and you can also throw in feedback on hover feature to make it even more appealing

Get creative with your signatures

Studies reveal that people usually pay attention to your signatures a lot more than you may think. This is thus the under-explored section when it comes to email marketing. Try to get smarter with your signatures by introducing a call to action in that section. Signatures can play a huge role in bringing tonnes of traffic your way if strategised cleverly.

Get the most creative brains in your marketing team to get cracking on ways to revamp the way you sign off your emails. Try a new font, colour or phrase as starters and gradually up your signature game after a few days. Here are a few ways that you can sign off your emails in style.

  • Put a call to action right below your signature along with a link of your homepage and make it stand out from the rest of the content (you can try neon highlights or an attractive font to get the job done)
  • Introduce a postscript of sorts at the end for people tend to hover a bit around them. Design them attractively and use a great copy as your finishing line to lap up those click-through-rates like crazy.
  • Throw in a mixed bunch of quirky ending lines with engaging postscripts to see the effect and work out a weekly strategy of revising them often.
  • Finally, online tools come in handy when you are trying to revise your email content for typos and errors. So if you are dishing out content with hopes of attracting more readers, you should try out these online proofreading tools to up your content game.

These four hacks are sure to get you that much-coveted rush of traffic to your website, so your email marketing becomes a roaring success story. Keep yourself updated on the latest industry trends, and you will be good to go.

P.S. NEVER underestimate the power of amazing content coupled with an intelligent email marketing strategy, and you will have more conversion rates than ever!