How to Start an SMS Marketing Campaign

How to Start an SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS marketing, or short messaging service (SMS), is a form of direct marketing via mobile phones. In many countries, it’s known as text messaging. However, the term “text message” can also refer to instant messaging, a technology that uses internet-based communication rather than mobile phone technology. 

Short Message Service Centers (SMSC) send SMS messages which mobile network operators receive. The SMSC generates revenue from charging the sender for each message they deliver.

5 Effective Ways to Start an SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS marketing is a traditional way to market a brand or a product. The marketing tactic allows companies to reach customers directly through their cell phones. Mobile phones have been with us for ages, and it is time to look into the power of making them work for businesses. The process involves customers signing up for campaigns using their cell phone numbers and opt-in to receive messages through various channels. 

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner looking to capitalize on the SMS marketing campaign trend, let this serve as your guide. This blog post will discuss actionable regarding how to start an SMS marketing campaign.

Know your target audience

The first step in starting an SMS marketing campaign is figuring out whom you want to market or your target audience. When deciding who your target audience should be, think about common interests and lifestyle factors that people in your area share. 

Researching on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter can help you find more information about your ideal audience. Once you’ve selected your demographic, it will be easier to produce content that appeals to them and connect with them through your messages. You will also be able to craft messages that entice the person to check out your product.

Gather contact information

If you have a website and a customer database, use that information to build your list of contacts who have opted-in to receive texts from you. If not, consider using an app or other software to identify the people who download your app or visit your website with their phone numbers. There is also lists that can be purchased where you can text blast. However, be careful of these because the data is not as reliable.

Find a provider

Many companies offer SMS services; research their pricing and features before signing up with one of them. You’ll need to verify your account before sending any messages.

Be relevant

A significant factor that some marketers need to consider when planning their SMS campaign is whether their business can use SMS marketing as a channel in the first place. It won’t be successful if you have nothing valuable to offer your customers via this channel or if your customers use email more.

SMS marketing campaigns are great for sending customers updates on your latest product offers and information about limited-time promos.

Don’t send spammy messages, either. Make sure they contain information people want or need.

Create a plan

The best way to ensure your campaign doesn’t fail is by having an actionable plan before sending out texts. Your plan should include what messages you will send out, when you’ll send them, and how often you’ll send them over several days or weeks.

How frequently you want to send messages will ultimately depend on what works best for your target audience. Additionally, consider whether any holidays or events are coming up that might affect response rates and plan accordingly.

Set goals and measure results

Once you’ve created a plan, what comes next is ensuring you know exactly what you want to achieve with your campaign. Do you want more engagement? More sales? More sign-ups? 

Upon figuring out your goals, it’s time to measure them. Actively measuring your goals helps determine whether or not your campaign was successful and how much more work is needed to improve it.

Sending the Right Message

SMS marketing campaigns are inexpensive and effective marketing strategies that enable you to connect with your audience and promote your brand. However, much like other campaign forms, there are necessary steps to ensure it succeeds. 

You must have a clear plan, know your audience, and identify what you want to achieve to help improve the chances of the success of your SMS marketing campaigns.