Secret Struggles Of The Marketing Manager And 4 Tips To Guide You Through


Being a marketing manager within a large organization is a busy role. You have so many different responsibilities and people to manage, that sometimes it can get slightly overwhelming.

Each day brings fresh challenges, as the company you work for strives for ever increasing growth from year to year. Sometimes amongst all the bustle of your daily working life, it makes sense to pause and consider are there any ways to improve your performance and enhance your wellbeing in the office?

Read on for some great ways this can be achieved…

Creative moments

The creative side of business is often where some marketing managers can come unstuck. Whether it’s creating banner campaigns, social media posts, photography or video content, successful online businesses rely on consistent, high-quality creative content as part of their brand identity and their digital marketing strategies. 

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Time management 

We all know that there aren’t enough hours in the day, but when you’re running a large marketing department, there seems to be even less than normal!

Time management is certainly something some marketing managers may find challenging given the amount of work and people they have to manage on a daily basis.

Setting yourself some time-related boundaries and rules such as no checking emails between certain hours will keep your time management in check and your work/life balance easier to manage.


We’re all by nature eager for success and growth to come as quickly as possible. And while patience is a virtue, some marketing managers can struggle with waiting and not getting the results they need quickly enough.

This often leads to bad decisions being made, simply because managers feel they haven’t got the return they wanted within the time scale they had planned.

Understand that in order to get those big results, you need to have plenty of little wins in the meantime, apply this consistency to all areas of your department and you’ll soon see your efforts come through.

Delegate to accumulate

Being able to delegate tasks is key to running a successful marketing team. Time and time again it can be tempting to do tasks yourself because you know they will be done quicker and more effectively than delegating to someone else.

Whilst this may be true, it’s not a recipe for sustained growth. The bottom line is if you feel you can’t delegate work to your team, you need a new team!

The pain of removing and rehiring should be short-term, whilst in the longer run you will benefit from being able to delegate tasks downwards with complete confidence.