5 Simple Ways to Make Your Company Look More Established Than it is

When you’re starting a new business it’s important to paint yourself in the best possible light, even if the size of your business doesn’t match up to the façade that you’re pursuing. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – many businesses do it – and it’s just a way of drawing in clients and real-world hustling. Here are a few of the best ways to make your company look more established and professional, while hopefully increasing revenues and the reputation of your brand. 

Social Media 

It’s more important than ever for all businesses to possess some solid social media accounts to promote their business. Whether you’re a brand looking to promote your handiwork on Instagram, or you want to shout about some of the great things you’ve achieved in the past year on LinkedIn or Facebook, social media is a vital component to the success of your business. Nowadays, we find most of what we need online, so it helps for your business to be easily found there too. It’s not only good when it comes to new clients looking for business, but it also helps create an awareness surrounding your brand within your chosen industry. 

0208 Number 

It’s a common misconception that the 0208 number is simply exclusive to London. 020 is the official area code for London and the surrounding areas, rather than 0208. Many 0208 numbers are available from Planet Numbers that can add great value to the reputation of your brand. London being the capital city of England means that your perceived location in London means you mean business – you’re in the heart of the action rather than somewhere less commercially cosmopolitan. 

In-office pool table 

Nothing beats a couple of games of pool to break up the monotony of a day spent in a boiling hot office. Nothing says that you’ve got money to spare and a great workplace culture than having a pool table office either. So, even if you’re a one-man band operating out of a small, hired office, it certainly helps to get a pool table. More and more businesses are jumping on the Google bandwagon and transforming their offices into cool and refreshing places to work, valuing stimulation and relaxation over the stagnancy of a corporate office feel. 

Professional website 

Every company in 2019 needs a website. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a sole trader or a large-scale corporate conglomerate, a pristine looking website can go a long way in drawing in clients and showing them that you’re a business that, well, means business. A contemporary looking website provides the opportunity to highlight some of your biggest successes in a cheap and affordable way. It provides a sign of professionalism, experience, and reliability. 

Hire a receptionist 

When you first meet new clients, a great way to show that you’re a bigger business than you actually are is by allowing a receptionist to act as the initial intermediary between you and your clients. Have you ever wanted to hear a receptionist say to a prospective client: ‘Mr. Smith will see you now.’? If you have, then a receptionist will surely take your business to the next level, surely. Actually, maybe it’s better to go with some of the other options before looking to establish your business with a receptionist.