5 Vital Shopify Stats To Cater To Your Consumers Better In 2022

5 Vital Shopify Stats To Cater To Your Consumers Better In 2022

Shopify is a utilized subscription-based software for many businesses online. They’ve allowed many companies to expand and scale up their organizations to cater to a wider demographic. The platform allows store owners to sell in both physical locations and online, which is great for those looking to develop both a customer base offline and on the internet.

If you’re a Shopify merchant already, then there are some helpful statistics that you can know in order to help better understand your consumers for 2022. In this article, we’ll share the benefits of using Spotify for your business and some of the vital statistics and trends to be aware of as we head into a new year.

Benefits of using Shopify for your business

There are many benefits when it comes to using Shopify for your business and it’s why the platform is considered one of the best, if not the best for eCommerce. If you’ve been thinking about switching platforms or setting up a shop online, then here are some reasons why you should use Shopify.

Easy to set up

Perhaps the reason why Shopify is so popular is due to how easy it is to set up. There’s no a lot to do in the way of signing up and setting up your online store. Even those with the most basic knowledge of the internet can easily understand how Shopify works with a little bit of guidance.

App integrations 

App integrations are important for businesses that already have existing apps that they use to assist their business. The same goes for new startups you’ve to explore the range of apps out there to help run a company. 

With Spotify, there are so many app integrations to implement so that you’re running everything effectively from one platform, rather than multiple.

Mobile responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is critical for a lot of businesses as mobile is one of the top devices for browsing online. As of November 2021, 46.54% of the total web visits are currently mobile. Shopify’s platform is completely mobile-friendly, making it a great platform for businesses.

5 vital Shopify statistics to cater to your consumers better in 2022

What Shopify statistics for 2022 are worth knowing for businesses? We’ve put together five useful stats to help cater to your consumers this year.

  1. 57% of online shoppers make purchases from overseas retailers.

Shopify offers an opportunity for small businesses and those who operate in their own territory to expand further. With 57% of online shoppers making a purchase with an overseas retailer, it shows businesses that consumers can be found in all corners of the earth. 

Having a platform like Shopify in place can give businesses the opportunity to take advantage of untapped audiences in different countries.

  1. In the US, 81% of Gen Z consumers prefer to shop in stores to discover new products.

It’s always important to be aware of what the younger generations are getting up to and when it comes to Gen Z consumers, they prefer to shop in stores to discover new products. In fact, in the US, it’s 81% of the Gen Z generation that prefer to shop in-store. 

For Shopify, offering the opportunity to sell in a physical location using Shopify POS systems is a great way of catering to future generations who may prefer an offline experience.

  1. Online shoppers are twice as likely to purchase a product with a 3D model over a flat image. 

The experience of online shopping has changed quite dramatically over the last five years, with the introduction of video content and interactive content like 3D models over flat images.

If you’re looking at how to increase sales on Shopify, making use of the latest and new technologies like virtual and augmented reality are worthwhile tools for increasing consumer engagement.

  1. In the last reported quarter of 2021, Shopify’s Gross Merchandise Volume was $37.30 billion, up by 114% year-over-year from $17.40 billion.

For businesses that are considering Shopify but perhaps aren’t sure whether it would be successful for them. The average Shopify store revenue for 2020 was $72 per customer. Shopify’s Gross Merchandise Volume was $37.30 billion which was up by 114% year-over-year.

There are lots of businesses taking advantage of Shopify. How many Shopify stores launch per week? A lot!

  1. The top-grossing companies on Shopify have annual revenues of $7 to $11 billion. 

There’s a lot of scope for businesses of all shapes and sizes to make use of this platform. With some of the top-grossing companies making $7-11 billion annual revenue on Shopify, it’s a no-brainer.

For any business, having multiple streams of income is essential, especially with scenarios like the pandemic where in-store shopping wasn’t possible for a time. With Shopify, it gives businesses an alternative income stream and a backup that they can rely on, should anything happen to the physical elements of their business store.

Shopify trends for marketers

For marketers, Shopify is a platform to look at when it comes to reaching out to your consumers. There are some useful trends to know when it comes to Shopify and other platforms that online users make use of on a daily basis.

Better integrations for the platform

There have been more integrations within the Shopify platform to make it easier for businesses to manage everything from one place. For example, Shopify connects to most social media platforms, making it easier to promote and sell via these platforms with the help of Shopify’s integrations available.

Allow cryptocurrency transactions

The more payment options you allow, the more you open yourself to more customers from across the globe. Allowing cryptocurrency transactions is going to help you open up to a market of new investor types that want to spend their money using crypto.

Offer product customization 

Where possible, offer a tailored and customized experience that’s unique to the shopper. Having products that can be personalized, makes the product itself more unique and gives creative freedom and control to the buyer.

Shopify is a fantastic platform to take advantage of for both small to medium and large-sized businesses. If you’re looking to expand your business and scale up the organization, then make the move and sign up for Shopify’s platform this year.