The Advantages Of Using A Dedicated Desk Environment

The coworking space phenomenon has grown into an industry that is fast becoming a staple of the Australian business landscape. Hot desking or sharing workspace primes the pump of business opportunity simply because the setup places professionals in close proximity with other professionals. It is one of the reasons that this particular work style has become so popular.

However, there is more to the conventional coworking space than the image of young trendy professionals networking and collaborating with one another. The coworking space also offers professionals who like the coworking vibe but do not want to sacrifice their privacy other options, namely dedicated desks. The dedicated desk allows professionals a permanent space from which to work while also giving them other advantages.

In addition to having your own space, let’s look at the other advantages of renting a dedicated desk.

Private Space

One of the great benefits to the dedicated desk is that it can be a place of privacy. The dedicated desk places you away from the prying eyes of coworking mates, but it still allows you to partake of the advantages of belonging to a community. The dedicated desk offers your business the chance to benefit simply by providing them discretion in which to work. Through the dedicated desk, private matters related to clients and business contacts are kept away from the busier parts of the coworking community. Through a dedicated desk – Servcorp, for example – professionals can rest assured that their professional business is not shared with others in the coworking space.

Inexpensive Office Space

The dedicated desk offers businesses one of the most inexpensive options in office space. In addition to having a private workspace, businesses get the benefit of accessing all of the amenities that come with conventional office space. These spaces typically come staffed with a receptionist and provide businesses with a range of amenities, including access to meeting and conference rooms.

Best Of Both Worlds

The dedicated desk offers businesses the best of both worlds. If you are a professional who works best alone, the dedicated desk provides you with a chance to work in a quiet space away from the hub of the hot desk. At the same time, you benefit from the great community that makes up the coworking space.

Better coworking spaces try to create a comfortable place for businesses to meet other professionals and to collaborate. These same coworking spaces offer businesses the chance to participate in community events offered through a community calendar, in addition to providing them with a platform for meeting other professionals through networking. The coworking space, ultimately, can provide businesses with comfortable office space that doubles as space to make the right kind of business connections.

A Place From Which To Transition

A dedicated desk is another good way to transition into a larger space. The lease’s flexibility allows businesses to easily move into larger or smaller space based on the business’s needs. For example, if you find that as a result of having to travel more that the coworking space is not a viable option, the dedicated desk makes it easy for your business to potentially transition into smaller space, a virtual office for example which is more appropriate for professionals who travel frequently. Conversely, if business picks up and you find you need to add employees, transitioning into a serviced office is a lot easier. Transitioning is simple because the monthly rates are typically lower and the contracts are for a shorter time.

Dedicated Desk Advantages

The dedicated desk offers businesses a host of advantages, especially within the coworking space. Of the many advantages, privacy and quiet workspace rank high but the ability to provide businesses with a platform for joining the community is also a great plus. Ultimately, your business benefits from the best of both worlds – a platform for work and networking.