5 Marketing Hacks to Scale Up Your Business

In 2019, everyone has the potential to grow and scale a business from 0 to million thanks to all the incredible technology that exists on the internet. Nowadays Marketers and young entrepreneurs have a huge advantage over the previous generations which didn’t have access to this amazing technology.

Today getting a business big is all about driving traffic to your website instead of your physical store. However, the competition gets bigger and bigger and getting your landing pages to the first pages of the Search Engines or engaging with your readers, was never a simple task.

Fortunately hacks that not everyone knows, exist and they can get you ahead of your competition faster than you can imagine. Starting with the obvious here this is one super simple yet super effective way to rank to your target page higher.

Consistently update your content

This way you are letting the search engines know that you are serious about what you write and you don’t even feel comfortable to the idea that your articles are outdated.

Because outdated articles can be very misleading the user experience can be marked as a bad one and Google doesn’t want that in any case.

In the end, the Google search engine is Google’s best selling product and to protect it they have to be cautious with their search results.

So keep updating your content as much as possible and delivering authoritative information and you will find out that Google’s search algorithms love you enough to drop you high in the SERP’s.

Create a free tool

Hold on cause this one has the potential to be your favorite one and the most visited landing page on your site.

Like other famous brands such as Hubspot, you can create a free tool that will offer some value to your readers for free. Hubspot’s free email signature creator for example, according to Ahrefs is their top performing page.

Of course, creating a tool even if that is a simple one is not as simple as creating a piece of content. But right now that the web is oversaturated with a ton of content, this is your best chance to differentiate from your competitors and offer some great value that no one else does.

Add Content Upgrades to your Content

Content upgrades are a very effective lead generation tactic that will help you grow your email list rapidly. They are essentially an extension to your content (blog post, podcast, video etc) that is exchanged with your visitors’ contact information that you can use later for your email marketing campaigns.

If your content is high-quality then your users should value it enough to want more of it. You can leverage this need to capture a lot of leads with that great technique, so use it wisely.

Use Heatmaps

Of all the metrics that as marketers we have access to, this is my most favorite one. Not to say that metrics like the number of your website visitors or ROI’s are not important but this one can make your landing pages shine and convert to the optimum level.

Heatmaps are used to find out how your users interact with your User Interface and how good is their user experience. For example with a heatmap you can see which buttons your users hit most, how do they move their mouse on your page or how far they scroll on it.

Create a Link Building Strategy

This is not a new one but it’s still one of the best practices for growing your business’s website. For those who don’t know, link building is the process of linking from other websites with relevant content back to your website.

To do that you will have to send some emails and create relationships or write some guest posts. Do not fall into the trap of buying or exchanging links because Google can understand such spam techniques and penalize you.

All you have to do is create great content that other bloggers, as well as their visitors, will find useful so the overall user experience suggests a healthy interaction.


Growth marketing nowadays is the best practice to use if you want to scale up your business cost-effectively. There are hundreds of marketing hacks and trends out there that can really make your business grow in seconds but I tried to present the most important ones that you should start with.

Now that you know where you should start from, you will have to make small research for each practice in order to make out the most of it. With that said, good luck with your first growth marketing strategy.